Will BitCoin ever drop under $13k again? I doubt it!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 27 Jun 2019

What an amazing day! God Blesses all those who call upon Him!!!!! Do not doubt it for a billionth of a millisecond! BitCoin is purched on the cusp of a mighty uprising wave! The Gig is up and everyone wants to buy to Hold!!! And, they have many many reasons to do so!

BitCoin has risen above $12k beyond any shadow of any doubt. In fact, $13k may well be the lowest you will ever see again! If you caught it then! Right now it is over $13200! This could also be a never seen low. I wish I were able to afford a $30k loan. I would definately invest heavily into BitCoin! And it is Bursting Brightly into the conscience of the General Public! 

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