There Is A Wise Old Saying That Goes Something Like This...

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 9 Mar 2022

If you don't stand for the truth, you can fall for anything.

The Fake Stream Media has become nothing more than a tabloid like source of mass misinformation/disinformation. Only the very gullible depend on the Mainstream Media News Casts, for their source of reliable information. At one time they appeared to be reliable and unbiased. Now, it is apparent that they believe everyone to be ignorant and easily manipulated. As with all Satanic forces, they mix facts with lies and people can become victims, without discernment.

I tried to find a hardcopy of this particular fabrication, when i observed it on CNN. But of course it was quickly covered up. If you seek to see through the cloud of smoke and mirrors, you will simply have to take my word for this instance - unless you happened to observe this farce on the day that it happened.

True Life Story.

According to news casts, there was a very large Hurricane that struck the United States East Coast. This was reported several years ago and i do not recall if North Carolina or South Carolina (perhaps it was both) was the epicenter of landfall. I do recall hearing/seeing reports of massive storm damage and acts of widespread looting. 

At the time, my elderly mother often watched CNN as one of her news sources. As I recall, i sat down with her to watch some of the news coverage. It was somewhat evident that newscasts were being presented in a way to excuse and justify the acts of looting and some of the looters acts of violence. One of the news anchors was making a very dramatic report and describing the storm in detail. He was talking about extensive flooding. He was giving his report dressed in full body rain gear as he leaned into the strong storm winds. With his body emersed above his waist in flood waters, he described massive destruction and hardship.

As the wind pushed waves across the flood waters and both rain and wind drove against his body - a man dressed in short pants and a t-shirt casually walked to his Dry mailbox in the background. It was immediately evident that there was no rain or wind effecting the man on his walk to the mailbox, and the news caster was standing in a ditch full of water. When the camera person realized that their staged play was being compromised, he panicked and reacted by jerking the camera away from the person in the background. When he did, the camera revealed a large wind machine and equipment providing the effect of heavy rain. That my friend, was the day when I awoke to just how corrupt and fake the Main Stream Media had become.


Today, i have evidence to share with you - involving another instance. 

To begin with, almost all spiders are venomous to some extent. Just a fact. In this case it is used as sensationalism.

I have lived here all my life, and these spiders have been around here since some of my earliest memories. They Are Not anything new here. I do not know their scientific name, but we always called them garden spiders. They are not aggressive and I have actually allowed them to walk on my hands and arms. My experience holding them was not extensive, but i was never bitten. Like most spiders, they will not bite unless threatened.

This is an obvious attempt to breed fear in the general public.

If they will misrepresent, or lie about something so simple - how can you trust what they say about major issues?

Food for Thought - For those who use their brains.

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