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By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 17 Apr 2022


If you missed the first introduction to Moonpie and Smokie - Their introduction to the world was a very traumatic event, and they quickly became Orphans! Their little kitten eyes were barely open good, when their mother was taken from them. To make this introduction short and sweet, and a long story short - There were 8 siblings in the litter. They were given away in pairs to seperate homes. Smokey and Moonpie were the only two who survived into young adulthood. The rest all met tragic ends.


Jump Forward:

It had been a very rainy day, all morning long. Everyone had their cozy little space where they were settled in against the weather, or at least comfortable and dry. Bonnie Blue was snuggled in behind some boxes and boards. If you didn't know to look there for her, you probably wouldn't even be aware she was around. Smokey was stretched out along the top of the old ice cooler, catching cat naps here and there. He would be happy each time the old man passed by him and offered him some attention. After all, he was a bottle spoiled little baby. c813153f788f9b8101df8d7a4a06f0ef87bcf95734744a1953fe13849a047b4b.jpg

Moonpie was cuddled up in the old man's broken red chair. He pruned and presented himself for some good scratching and petting. Afterall, he also enjoyed attention from the only parent he could remember. They both had always depended upon the old man for their source of nourishment. Their earliest memories were of hungrily nursing the bottled milk, and it's taste.


Now that the rain had broken, it was time to scout out a new bed for the blueberry bushes to be planted as the old man made his walk out to retreive the mail. As the old man started out, Bonnie Blue fell in right with him. She loved the old man, and always wanted to be next to him whenever she had the opportunity. As the old man walked out of the yard fence, both Moonpie and Smokie fell in directly behind the leading pair. It didn't take long for the rest of the pack to join up. They were full of energy which had been building during the forced period of inactivity.



Two of the dogs caught some interesting scent and went bounding off to the left. The other dogs scattered out and began to run up the road, and along the tree line. As the excitement and energy grew, with the animals expectation of an extended farm foray, the old man retreived the mail and began the walk back to his home. The cats began to play, as they scurried around and ran short climbing bursts up some of the trees. Of course this was a trigger that engaged the dogs hunting instincts. Both Sandy Rae and Red ran to and stood up on the tree that Smokey had just begun to climb. The two pups seemed to be gegging him to come back down and play. Loving his dog family members, he cooperated and backed down into their faces.


Play time was now on! LOL! As Smokey took off running, the two dogs quickly gave chase.  Not to be left out of the fun, Moonpie took off running in another direction, as some of the other dogs began chasing him. Fun was to be had by all! The old man watched with amusement, as the show accompanied him on his way back to the remaining activities of the day.




If you know me, you will know that this is a difficult thing for me to do. 

I have reached a point where i need your help. If you are so inclined to do so, it will be most greatly appreciated! 

Until my financial situation turns for the better, you will notice the following at the end of my posts. Please forgive me if you do not approve, but i have a serious need at this time.


Like many people in these trying times, i am currently having great difficulty in making financial ends meet. I don't enjoy asking for help, but i find myself humbled and am now doing so. I currently have no personal transportation - my handme down car has broken down, and I have no funds to acquire a vehicle. I live out in the country and there is no public transportation. Along with many other pressing bills, i simply do not have the income to meet those obligations. On top of all the other bills i have accumulated, i also have a large number of mouths that depend on me for their food, lol.

I have already liquidated all my crypto holdings, with the exception of a few dollars worth to keep some accounts open. I am disabled and our small farm earnings have all but vanished, as well as almost nonexistent ebay sales. I could go on and on, but i am sure you get the idea. I don't care to continue with the sad song. 

If you are so inclined, even the smallest contribution to the following addresses will be much appreciated.

Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and support!

Bitcoin - bc1qe7dmt8958ggsqr7gtamfjaz3ewfttudzs4gzkq

Litecoin - MQgk5wdTjVMisiVsA5EXy66rPW21jBhSZm

Ethereum - 0x902727bed6f6cd070eb10701717604cf4f27de94

Doge - DQzHtUuq2p831qFTq4pEdquiaAWjZTcTrV

Dash - XuG1CHBtbf4Z9rq5J8mhybw6XbGLnxm7mk

If you would prefer to help with cash, the email associated with my paypal account is [email protected]

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