The Saga of Moonpie and Smokey Continues

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 10 Apr 2022

Many adventures have taken place, since we last heard about the two brothers. Both cats wandered a little too far from home and became lost in the woods. While Smokey was stranded out in the wild woods for several days, Moonpie braved the swamp and came scurrying into the yard, with yowls and pitiful wailing - which marked his path through the swamp trek. There were a few splashes, as he was forced to ford water, in the wettest areas.

Smokey was found a few days after his disappearance, when the old man made one of his nighttime farm rides. As the old man poured out corn for the wildlife, Smokey broke out of the nearby tree line crying with ecstatic joy! He had never been so happy to see the pack of dogs and the old man!bd2dd276685e9a9def2948311fdd7859ceb19c5f0159ba2493a30180d6be15f3.jpgb314f0ffd782089e63f9795b8cf17619a4d47d22f3c93ff3b39f112238e630f2.jpg20c3b257d1ba11f8a47be5f27b2ae0e6ec7700393133b9e59321ea3a1da17311.jpg1910b64290de7b63ffb6e7b0e09aa5de3ccdbcc013a320cfc10fd8f418df818c.jpg3606e4cf81ffb38151064e100b9b5d649b378ef770daf8f21a1d1c81947f3425.jpgb5e8ae2b7ece3d818bcec0944ec718e52be6d9c44327ab398d23ecfb174e5994.jpg155a55df15c2ded86712e77817f02838b8978e780db3a89ed29b986193632850.jpg1e5802ead3e2d1a8c749243ccca27066b482b5b3c2e741c649bf933e7ed10a68.jpgc53faaf46e741687b41a9b7cefae92479757c614ddd18d7d6f8d97bbf6f33fea.jpgmb5cd857dc10b7a8e00c9e845c1fee529b33e639fa21e46cf1c08a03e1292cadc.jpg

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