The Logic and Plan that I use to Maximize My Earnings on Cointiply and Rollercoin

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 16 Sep 2020

I noticed that my referrals are more active than they were before the last post. I realize that it can be daunting and a little difficult to get up to the earnings i am achieving. Therefore I have decided to provide a loose concept of the logic and plan that I personally use, to gain larger earnings. But before you get the wrong idea, my active referrals have done well for themselves. I get aprox. a 10% referral fee and it was over 7,500 coins yesterday! That means that the 5 active people, who followed my referral links made over 75K of Coins or over $7.50 worth of BitCoin! Since my last withdrawal, I have accumulated more than $12 of BitCoin. I'm not getting rich off of these Platforms, by any means, but the purchase of BitCoin while on the price drops, came in very handy!

Some days you can make more, than on other days. It all depends on how much time you put into them and the approach you take. That is why I am going to share some of the logic and plans that I use to gain significant amounts of coin. I will start with Cointiply, since it is the place where you can see your gains mount more quickly. Perhaps, I will share something like this, about Rollercoin, in another post. 

When I log into Cointiply, I immediately drop a few lines in their chat. That will enable you to take a share of the rain pool. The entire platform is designed to give higher rewards, to those who are active. The higher your activity, the higher your gain! As you build up levels and you successfully complete offers, your percentage of the rain pool increases. Today, for example, I have participated in several rain pools, where my payout was over 200 coins. Remember 10k coins is equivilent to $1. I currently have 122k coins which is the equivalent of $12.22.

Now, after dropping a few lines, in chat and seeing my red dot appear green, in the chat window, I proceed to make my hourly faucet roll. I have seen quite a few faucet Jackpots over 500k coins, not to mention all of the Jackpots over 3 and 4 hundred K. Your loyalty bonus is always added to your faucet roll. The Loyalty bonus can build to 100% match. You get 1 loyalty percentage for each day you are consecutively active. That match is very nice for some, who at least roll the faucet once a day!

Once you have that behind you, and it doesn't take very long, I usually proceed to the PTCs. Paid to Click adds. They are very handy, if you have multiple table open and are multi tasking. 

When I have the time to dedicate to surveys, I then complete as many as possible. I took just 2, this morning, for a total of around 45 minutes, that generated an additional 18k coins to my growing balance. I prefer Theorem Reach surveys, for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that you often get compensated for your time, even when you don't qualify for a survey! Anywhere from 51 coins to several thousand! If you focus and are timely you can often find surveys that pay 12k to 22k, per survey! Not bad for 18 minutes to 35 minutes. Of course each survey is of different lengths. Surveys can range from a few hundred coins on up. So far my experience is that surveys are the way to earn the most amount of coin, for the time invested. It can be difficult to qualify for your first round of surveys, but, I have found that the more you successfully complete, the more you qualify for future surveys.

Of course, each individual can modify this simple plan to fit their personal wants and needs. But, I have found this routine very profitable, and can still do all of the other things I normally do, on the old computer. LOL! 

This can give you a useful way to proceed once you have established your free account! Just remember that some days are better than others. I don't have the time to dedicate to it, but from what i have seen and experienced, i believe the earning opportunities to be almost boundless. Once you have followed my referral links, it all depends upon how much time you are willing to put into it. I have shared my earnings, in this post and prior posts, and I rarely, if ever spend more than 4 hours combined on these 2 platforms. I am very sure that I could spend more time and see impressive results! If I can do it, so can you!

To really maximize your earnings, I suggest that your register your free account with both of these Platforms. In a future post, I will share how I have developed and follow a plan, where I combine the 2 for some very decent BitCoin!

To join us on Rollercoin, please follow this link :

To join us on Cointiply, please follow this link :   1_300x250.jpg  

If you have any questions, please feel free to express them in the comments section. I would also suggest that you read my prior related posts, for more detail!    







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