The Fruit of Persistence!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 21 Jun 2019

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a Blessed and Prosperous day!

I am finally beginning to see some results from the hundreds of inviatations I have issued for people to Join us here on Publish0x. Even though my referrals accepted only number 6, I am quite pleased that I have received credit for those! Hopefull, as I remain persistent, this number will grow much higher!

Affiliate Stats

  This Month (June) Last Month (May) Lifetime People Recruited 6 0 6 Bounty0x 0.0000 BNTY ($0.00) 0.0000 BNTY ($0.00) 0.0000 BNTY ($0.00) Project Hydro 0.0586 HYDRO ($0.00) 0.0000 HYDRO ($0.00) 0.0586 HYDRO ($0.00) DAI Stablecoin 0.0037 DAI ($0.00) 0.0000 DAI ($0.00) 0.0037 DAI ($0.00)

Let's remain positive and keep up the good work of recruiting new members! Publish0x has much potential! Let's continue to help it grow!

Thank you for your time, interest, and attention!


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