The Brink Of Destruction

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 20 Jun 2019

Hello Everyone!

Today, I come to you with a sobering look at reality! God does exist and He is Ultimately in Control! If We believe in Him and accept Jesus Christ, as Our Personal Savior, then we are saved and He will work his will in our life! I say this because Jesus is My Savior, Lord, and King. He has worked in my life and Manifested many Miricles in and around my life! I Know beyond the shadow of Any doubt that He Is Real! If you do not believe, it does not change the facts! It just means that you are lost and have a bleak prospect for life, both now and after your death!

If you read the Bible, you can clearly see the prophecies coming true, in Today's world. Man and women are turning their backs on God and persueing their own evil desires! Immoral and perverted acts of Homosexuality are being accepted into Our societies! The One World Government and Religion are striving for domination over the known world! If you haven't been keeping up with the news, the Pope has met with key muslim religious leaders to discuss forming a one world religion! Almost everyone should be aware of the the efforts to establish the One World Government! The murder of innocent unborn children has reached and industrial stage and the sex trafficking infestation is found in the highest levels of our Society! Many people are pushing for a socialist/communist government, and the list just goes on an on! You may say that these things have always been there, and to a certain extent you may be right! But, It has never been on the Scale seen in Today's world! 

If Mankind continues on the course, that we embrace now, then The Return Of Jesus Christ is Imminent! His Appearance will retreive all those who love him and accept his love, and usher in Satan's short reign over all those remaining on Earth! A time when there shall be no death, yet people shall beg the mountains to fall on them and end their existence!

The Good News is that no one knows the exact time of the return of Jesus Christ, not even Jesus himself, Only the Father! That is because God has left that up to us in our choices in our free will! If Mankind will simply turn away from our Un-Godly thoughts and actions and scorn the immoral behavior of our Sin nature, then God will have mercy upon us and allow us to continue our Spiritual Growth. If he sees that we have a desire to learn of and accept his ways and commandments then we will be spared for a time, untill there is only left those who have already accepted, and all others who have turne their backs on God!

So, do we continue to allow the corruption of Our Society, or do we repent and turn back to God?


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