Relevant to Untied States Citizens/Patriots of The Constitution

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 25 Aug 2020

The Enemy is In The Gate, The Wolf, is In The Door! Our Enemies, The Socialist Democrats are actively waging war, throughout the Entire United States! They are encouraging, supporting, and instigating Riots, Attacks upon Law Enforcement, Civil Violence, and other Acts Of War! Pray to God, and Take up Arms for Your Self Defense! Don't allow Criminals to Overtake Our Great Nation! Vote In Person! Stand Your Ground!   There can No Longer Be Any Doubts, that The Socialist Democrat Party has morphed from the United States Democrat Party, to Socialist Democrat Party, and Now, finally the Socialist/Communist Democrat Party. They Instigate, support, and fund Violent Riots, Anarchy, Fear Mongering, Deceptive Manipulation( mainly by the main stream media), and other Certified Actions of Communist Parties!   You may have convinced yourself otherwise, while they were still attempting to maintain a false image. They no longer hide their intentions! They are fully Committed to Our Very Destruction! One would have to become very foolish indeed, were you still Blinded to Their True Intent!!!

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