Our Prayer On The Lord's Holy Sabbath

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 29 Aug 2020

All Praise Our Holy King Jesus Christ! May His Holy Spirit Move Freely In Your Lfe!   We come before You, God of All Creation, on this Your Holy Sabbath. We come with All Praise, Honor, and Glory Freely given to You. We come with Thanksgiving, for all of the Mighty, and small, blessings that You shed on us!   Lord, We have a special request, that we share from our deepest Hearts! We ask that you burn, break, and shatter the chains, of the Socialist/Communist/Democrat Party, that they have used to bind and deceive those who continue to support them. Move Strongly, In Their Lives, So That They may come to Know the Truth of You! Lord Jesus, we ask that You Touch their Hearts and Souls, as only You Can! Lord, give them one ore opportunity to Turn and Surrender to Your Holy Grace and Love, before the Darkness and Evil fully commit them to Eternal Damnation!   We ask that Your Holy Spirit Move Strongly, in the world today and tonight, most especially! let the Deception, of Our enemies, be cleansed from their eyes! Give them the Freedom to forsake their path to misery and utter hopelessness! Let them see the Utter Desolation that always results form this Godless, and Immoral form of Government, before it is too late for them!   Hallelujah! Praise God, The Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ Our Savior and King, and The Holy Spirit! Three as One! All Praise, Honor, and Glory We Freely, Happily, and Blessedly present to You! May Your Will Be Done! Amen!    

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