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By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 19 Aug 2020

Hello Everyone!

I would like to share my experiences and evaluation of RollerCoin, with you today. Let me begin by saying that I have successfully made a BitCoin withdrawal, into my Coinbase account! IF you read my post about my failed attempt the first time, it appears that there is an email notification, that you must confirm your withdrawal from. I didn't get/see the notice, on the first attempt. On the second attempt, a window popped up and informed me that I should confirm in the email sent. The email requires you to respond within 30 minutes. It is void after that time.

So, at this point, my evaluation results in a positive recommendation for RollerCoin. It certainly appears to be legit! 

On RollerCoin, you are required to play games to gain Satoshi. The more you play, the more the difficulty increases. Also, the more you play, the more Satoshi you gain every 5 minutes. Yep, you read that right! Every 5 minutes. You have to invest a significant amount of time to build your earning up, but it is well worth it! Once you have progressed far enough into the games, your earnings remain valid for 7 days! You can close the tab and/or turn your computer off and your earnings continue to accumulate! You can also purchase simulated mining rigs, that give you a permanent earning amount. It doesn't expire after 7 days, but continues 24 hours a day! 

Warning! Some of these games, can be addictive at times! They are, for sure, good exercise contributing to keeping one's mind active!

I only bought a couple of minor simulated mining rigs, at the beginning. My main focus was to accumulate a significant amount of BitCoin to test the withdrawal. At the risk of repeating myself, I have made a successful withdrawal of aprox. $7 worth of BitCoin. My intentions are to next invest my winnings into some simulated mining rigs, and see what and if the next round of payment may be.

My text often vanishes. so, I will make this sweet and 2 the point. At this point RollerCoin seems to be a worthy place for us to team together, and help build this promising entertainment network.

Your invitation to come Aboard and Participate is as follows :

As most often, wade in and test the waters, before you fully commit. As with all things, in life, everyone has a unique experience. If you find any fraudulent activity, or other deterring experiences, please feel to share them, on one of my links.

Let's go Ateam!

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