My Early Childhood Memories

My Early Childhood Memories

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 14 Feb 2020

Hello Everyone! I hope You are having a Blessed and Prosperous day through Jesus Christ!

As I promised, in an earlier post, I am going to start sharing the stories of my life. I have had a very full life with many many experiences, that you may find entertaining and insightful. Some of these stories may seem hard to believe, but they are all true. To start this series off, I will start at the beginning and share some of my earliest memories.

I was born in 1960. I was adopted when only a few months old. The adoption is of no importance to me. My Father and Mother were the only parents I ever knew and I never cared to learn about my biological parents. These Parents, that God Blessed me with, were Loving and Supportive. They made many sacrifices to give me all that they felt I needed to be happy and grow Physically, Intellectually, Mentally, and Spiritually. Not necessarily in that order.

I grew up in a childhood full of love! I have always felt the Presence of God, and the Love of Jesus, from my earliest memories forward! I may not have always gotten what I wanted, but, God has always provided what I need! He has always been My Shield and Protector! He has always Blessed me, even when I deserved the opposite! 

One of my earliest memories of His Protection, is when, as a very small child, I was walking around behind our Farm House, where I spent my early childhood. As far as I know, it was the first time I had any encounter with a snake. This was a Rattlesnake. I was innocently exploring around and I stepped on this Rattler. My Mother must have been keeping a close eye on me, even though I was not aware of her presence. As soon as I stepped down on top of this venomous reptile, she became very emotional and began to scream. I remember looking down and observing the beautiful patterns and colors, of his hide. I then moved on towards my Mother as she ran and grabbed me up from the ground. The snake never struck, or showed any signs of agitation that I can recall. That is just one of the first memories I have of the feeling of His Mighty Power, in my life. There are countless times in my long life! Without Him, I would not be alive today! I have no doubt! Some instances, could be written off by unbelievers. Other Miracles, in my life, can not be dismissed as anything else than what they really are! Jesus is Real and He Is Alive! 

This is a simple, but significant introduction to the real life stories, adventures, and memories that will follow in my reminiscing memoirs. This has been an example of my innocent approach to life. In some of the other stories, I am not so innocent. 

If you found this touches your interest and would like to get details on some of the extraordinary examples of the extreme adventure of my life, please follow my blog and be sure to read the related posts to follow. I hope to one day piece these stories together and write my autobiography. I also hope to give something, along the way, that people can walk away with and be Blessed!

Thank You for Your Time, Attention, and Interest!



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