Musical Paradise, at a young age, part II.

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 12 May 2019

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a blessed day!

All my posts with "Musical Paradise" in the Title are interrelated and I suggest that you read them from the beginning. Some will be stand alone posts and others will be a little more interesting if you read this series from the beginning. I Urge everyone with someting to add or comment on, to jump right in. If you make a related post, I ask that you use "Musical Paradise" as some part of your Title. If you don't want to, that is ok too!

In my last post, I was re-living my teenage Job as a D.J. You should remember this was a fairly conservative time period in The Black Belt. Almost everyone, of any standing in the community, attended some church on Sunday. And that leads into this story:

Being such a lover of the guitar, that was the most important part of most songs, for me. At that time in my life I was pretty much deaf to the true meaning of the lyrics of a song. To make a long story shorter, I think I will cut to the chase. Occasionaly, I would get to D.J. on Sunday's. The opening of the Station pretty much followed the same routine, day after day. Start the music with Gospel songs, do a little advertising and then D.J.'s choice. Well, there was no one there who prescreened the music and we got to go through the new albums and 45s that the station received each week. While the Church sermon played, on air, I got to listen to new, freshly released music! Wow! The very first guitar notes had me fully hooked. The lyrics were just some back ground music. I knew that I was going to open my afternoon program with this awesome rock n rolling jam. Boy, it was Jam alright! Little did I realize how many people actually listened to WCOX, after they got out of church. Following the short pre recorded talk show, after Church Services, I opened with this really awesome new song. I began to listen to the lyrics a little closer, and I knew beond all doubt that I was doomed as soon as I heard" the damn thing gone wild!" And of course the song was Black Betty! Black Betty had a child, bamalam, The damn things gone wild, bamalam. LOL! You could say that I was a radio pioneer, LOL, Many found the entire lyrics as objectionable and many found damn as a word unacceptable on Radio. 

After I got over the embarisment and through the trouble, I found that I paid a little more attention to the lyrics. LOL!!!

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