MetaMask Failure.

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 17 May 2019

Hello Everyone!

This is a follow up from my post, earlier today, titled Perplexec and frustrated with MetaMask, please help. I have taken a further step of recovering my account with the seed words and changing to a new password. It did not work. I was still unable to access my wallet. Thank God that I did not transfer any of my crypto into the wallet. It would now be gone. Every attempt I have ever made, in setting up a wallet has been a failure! All of the other times it was a scam, and, I am not sure that it was not this time! There is mention of hackers setting up a fake login screen where they capture your seed words.

I have done some research, after this failure, and I have found that MetaMask is pleagued with problems. It appears that MetaMask can be easily hacked, in several ways, if someone knows what they are doing. I have removed MetaMask from my Brave browser! I may try to reinstall it, but I will not be able to fully trust it! Now the search goes on to find a secure and funtioning wallet that I can transfer my Publish0x earned crypto into.

Going upon my past experiences and this current one, I would not reccoment MetaMask as a suitable and secure wallet! If I had deposited my earnings, I would now have lost them, or at least spent the forseen future trying to recover them!

If you are using a suitable and secure wallet, please share the information with me!

Thank you for your time and inerest!


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