I never place all of my eggs in one basket, and I never show all my cards! #Show Your Portfolio

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 9 Jul 2019


#Show Your Portfolio


My Coinbase Holdings: 

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Your Portfolio

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446.0265 XRP



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0.0142 BTC



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449.0773 BAT



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342.6593 ZRX



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609.9387 XLM



Total Balance ≈ $661.93 ETH Wallet 0.0222 ETH≈$6.84 SendReceive         ZRX logo ZRX Wallet 342.6593 ZRX≈$101.97 SendReceive         USDC logo     ZEC logo ZEC Wallet 0.0588 ZEC≈$6.16 SendReceive               BSV logo BSV Wallet 0.0000 BSV≈$0.01 SendReceive

  Brave :

Estimated pending rewards 9.40BAT2.85 USD Next payment date Aug 5

Your wallet 49.0 BAT 14.87 USD REWARDS SUMMARY JULY 2019 Earnings from Ads 21.4BAT6.49 USD


Publish0x : 

Token Earnings

This Month (July) Lifetime Bounty0x 0.0000 BNTY ($0.00) 483.9455 BNTY ($2.29)

Project Hydro 24.9441 HYDRO ($0.04) 4,322.0063 HYDRO ($6.33)

DAI Stablecoin 1.3326 DAI ($1.32) 4.1527 DAI ($4.10)

  Minds :  bulb.svg



PI : 

I have mined a little over 75 PI, at the time of this writing.


And finally, one of my wallets : 

Account 1Details 0xdb3b...72B8 0ETH $0.00USD 2.635 DAI   That is all that I care to share at this point.   

Hello Everyone! I hope you have had a Blessed and Prosperous day!

#Show Your Portfolio

Coinbase is, by far, the best and safest exchange out there! I would suggest that everyone hold at least part of their Crypto portfolio there! They have never had a breach in security! Your account is insured! They even have a Vault that you can set up to store your Crypto! There are many, many advantages to having an account with Coinbase! Accept my invitation, by following this link, and we both get $10 of Free BitCoin, plus you can earn over $100 of additional Crypto through their educational program! : https://www.coinbase.com/join/murchi_p

I speak from a little wisdom, garnered through the years of participation and observation. I have learned through my mistakes, other's mistakes, that they have shared, and from educational sources! I don't claim to be an expert, but I am very comfortable in my skin! I see in other author's posts where they are giving strategies and some technical details. They Talk about certain coins and why they chose them. Some talk about prices.I started to do the same, but then, I realized that I have shared many of those things, about my portfolio, in previous posts. It would be much better if you followed me and searched my posts's titles, it you are interested. I will say that I have little money to invest. I was able to scrape up $76 bucks this month. all of it went into Crypto. Next month I may feel the need to purchas a silver, gold, or platinum coin. I was once a boyscout and I try to plan for all perceivable contengencies. I do actively strive to earn various Crypto's as the opportunies present themselves! I even have a strategy involving sellig off certain Cryptos and converting part of them into Precious Metals Coins. If you are truly interested you will do some of your own research into the Cryptos that I hold! You will also read some of my other related posts.

If you are like me, you missed out on the BitCoin opportunity. I may have discovered the next best thing! Right now it is in a phenominal growth phase. I have installed their mining app and have been mining for 3 days now. I have alread accumulated over 50 PI! The number of miners has grown from 75000 to 100k in those 3 days! At 100k miners the mining reward was halved! It is still in it's infancy and presents a tremendous opportunity! I have researched it and there are NO indications of Fraud or any scam! It is Free to join at this point! Check out their White Paper here : https://minepi.com/  You can also download the Free app and start mining here! It is by invitation only, for now, so you will need a referral code. Please use ArmFarm. It is still very early, but so far this looks great!

I am a Crypto Enthusiast and have quite a few years of experience and knowledge. My only regret is that I did not get involved earlier! As I stated above, I do not believe in holding all of my assets in one place! Although I have held and sold various Cryptos in the past, These are some of my current holdings. I do not intend to sell any of these until the prices have increased significantly! The only exception being that I will exchange my DAI for BitCoin once Publish0x discontinues paying them out.

Thank you for Your time, interest, and attention!


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