How to remove fbooks intrusive App on your smart phone!(How to uninstall facebook, even if your phone won't let you!)

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 26 Jun 2019

Hello Everyone! Let Freedom and Liberty Reign!

I once installed fbook's App on my phone, but I soon learned what a terrible mistake I had made. With a long, long, history in I.T., I was able to uninstall it and remove all of the hidden crap they had burried on my phone! It was a long and complicated process!

Facebook is a malicious and intrusive App that allows them to monitor your every action, secretly take control of your phone, and make moves against you, if you are a moderate or conservative! It would be much too lengthy and technical to share the process I used to get rid of their crap. But, if you are ready to chop their greedy finges off of your phone, I have run across a post on Minds that I would like to share with you. It will not be quiet as effective as what I did, but, it will be a great step forward for the average individual. This will be the best many will be able to do, short of buying a new phone!

Please enjoy and use as you see fit!

eat 1560981485 AugustoPinochetsSchoolOfFreestyleSkydiving Good information. You should also remove all Google products and services. Silicon valley needs to burn. 1558286466 ChrisRoseJUN 25, 2019, 12:58:49 PM How to Uninstall Facebook App -- Even When Your Smartphone Won't Let You. Usually, when Facebook is pre-installed on a phone, the OEM makes it that you cannot uninstall it conventionally or without root. I've written a cmd script (Linux version coming soon, and I don't have a Mac) that uninstalls the following apps from your phone. Note that how this script uninstalls is that it uninstalls from the user 0 (which is you), it does not uninstall the app completely. System apps can't be uninstalled completely without root. If you do a factory reset, all of these apps will reinstall themselves. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your phone. Here is a zip file containing the adb files and the script. For anyone that wants to use the version of adb they already have, or install it from trusted sources, instead of trusting a random binary from a stranger, here are the key commands from this "script". And for anyone thats wants to understand what these are trying to do: adb shell simply connects you to the shell CLI on the phone to run commands. In the above, you could just run adb shell and then run the following commands at the android shell prompt. proxy?size=1920&class=

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