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By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 17 Sep 2019

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a Blessed and prosperous day!

I want to share a thought with you today. This thought involves the new Crypto called Pi. There are many people who are afraid to give this new mining process a try, and there are many people who bad mouth Pi or at least they have a negative perception. Please remember, this is exactly as it was, and to a certain extent, and still is with BitCoin! There is now a group who are scamming, those who are always attracted to scams, through Pi, and thus add to that negative perception. That is nothing new either. 

Give this thought a little time to sink in. There are people who are being scammed into buying Pi. Pi is not for sale! It is clearly stated, in the White Paper, that Pi will not be for sale until further on down the line of the process. If you think Pi will be worthless, think again of those who are already willing enough to buy Pi now! Also, Pi's Community has grown to over 325k members, who are mining now! Once the Community has grown to 1 million users, the mining rate will be cut in half. 

Right now is the time to take advantage of this rare opportunity! If you snooze you loose!

If You would like to become part of this exclusive Community, please read my other posts associated with Pi. They will be informative and some of them provide the necessary invitation where you may qualify to join. 

Thank you for your time, attention, and interest.


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