Follow up to Facebook Freaks Out!!!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 31 May 2019

Hello Everyone! I hope you have a Beautiful and Blessed day today! 

I was late getting my post up yesterday, so it is quite likely that most people didn't get an opportunity to see it! If you disaprove ove Facebook's code of conduct or community standards, then I feel that you will be interested and/or amused with yesterday's post. 

I promised an update on the situation and here it is. I was able to log in with not problem at all this morning. Everyting I posted, on my timeline, appears to be intact and unaltered or unblocked by fbook. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean anything. When I look at my timeline all my posts may appear normal, but, they may not appear on other peoples news feeds. It all depends on how fbook wants to manipulate it!

If you find my ongoing struggle with Facebook interesting, amusing, or you just want to stay informed, please follow my blog and check out yeaterdays post. It is a true life story and shows some of the extents that Facebook is willong to stoop down to!

Thank you for your time and interest!



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