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By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 7 Jun 2019

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a Blesse and  Prosperous day!

I have a little bit more information about I should have done it beforehand, but after I made my previous post about this probable scam, I did a search under scam. On one of the results, of this search, provides a place where people state it is a scam, but one person strongly supports it an says that you must withdraw the exact amount of the minimum withdrawel. I suspect that this person is actually involved in the scam! That doesn't make sense, since you sould be able to withdraw your entire balance. So anyway, I made a withdrawel of the exact amount of the minimum and it went through, supposedly. The amount of my account went down by the amount of the depoit. So, I thought maybe it could be legit.

But, No it is not! I never received the deposit into my BitCoin account! They were supposed to send me an email with the transaction details, but I never recieved that either! I did more searches today, and I find that they often send fake details to other users. is not on a secured HTTP protocol and I would strogly advise against even going there if Your device security is not extremely strong! It is a scam and very likely it is also capable of commiting malicious actions on your device!

In short, this site is a scam and very likely dangerous. For your own safety, stay away from it!

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