Easily predictable Price Increases

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 5 Aug 2020

It should be no surprise, to those following my related posts. The prices of Precious metals continue to spiral upwards. Unless some miracle occurs, to reverse the world's economic situation, it is destined to continue for a very lengthy time!

Gold prices continue to climb towards $2100/oz. It will most likely not stop there. In fact, as more people become situationally aware, it is very likely to increase exponentially. Most especially, since supply is drying up. The world market is much larger, than for Crypto.

Silver is brushing $27/oz, and may well reach $28, before day's end.

I have only been forced to raise the price, of a few coins, so far. Once Silver rises above $30, i will have no choice, but to raise prices on many others. The prices of Investment Grade Coins are traditionally slow,  to follow the price increases of Precious Metals. With that being said, once they do react, they climb much higher! They also tend to retain the value increase!

The wise investor will seek to diversify, some portion of their portfolio, into Investment Grade Coins. If you woul like to see what i have to offer, i suggest that you look at one of my eBay posts, and follow one of the links.

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