Brand New Horizon : We Are Poised On The Cusp Of A Paradigm Shift For All Of Mankind!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 19 Jun 2019

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a Blessed and Prosperous day!

Before I had this vision, or idea, or train of thought, what ever you would like to call it, I had not done any searches on the topic. This has always been something I dreamed of since childhood. Since I introduced Brand New Horizon, I have done a few searches, and they have confirmed the feasability of this proposed project! Today, the thought came to me to do a search on Space Mining Robotics! I strongly suggest you do the same, if you ahve been following my posts concerning Brand New Horizon! If you are not familuar with my earlier post and Blog, but, this catches your attention, please follow me and read the preceeding relate posts!

In my vision, I clearly see the practical application of Blockchain and Crypto, along with Artificial Intelligence! I see the use of recycled plastics and other light materials that can be cheaply taken into orbit and used in the manufacture of mining spacecraft. I can see the use of robotics in the maintinence and repair of those craft as well as in the mining and refining process! Many of the damaged or worn out parts could be recycled into new parts on board the spacecraft.

The results of this process would be phenominal! We could ship materials, such as fertalizers, minerals, and water, back to Earth, while using other resources to manufacture more equipment and Human habitat in space. With this process we could support Human Life on other platforms off Earth! Man could finally move out into our Solar system and colonize the Moon, Mars, and other feasable objects! We could sustain that life with resources, found outside of Earth!

There is already many projects, in place, that we could utalize and improve, along with Our unique perspective. I have shared some links in other posts, but, you can do internet searches yourself. Look up space mining, space mining companies, space mining robotics, space mining Artificial Intelligence, etc...

Once we have our basic organzation established, we can begin hiring promising college graduates in the fields of our needs! We Can improve the Standard of Living for all Men, Women, and Children! If we procrastinate, this promising new frontier, then all of the controll will fall into the hands of Big business and we will not reap the rewards as we can if we band together and create Our own organization!

Please read all of my related posts, on Publish0x, then follow my link to Minds and subscribe to me there. I publish a Blog titled Brand New Horizon under murchisonfarm there. You will find supporting posts and more details about Our Project! The link to Minds is :

Thank you for your time, attention, and interest!




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