Another thing the Socialist/Communist/Democrat Party, of the United States, can count on!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 10 Sep 2020

While there is a growing wave, of Previous Democrat Voters, determined not to vote this coming election( They will not Support President Trump but neither will they support the travesty that the new Socialist/Commuist/Democrat Party has become), there is another thing that the Socialist/Communist can count on! Only a very tiny minority of people, who have fled the Tyranny of Socialist/Communist Controlled Countries(to become United States Citizens) will even consider voting for them! And those few who do, are coveting a position of power, to Lord it over their fellow citizens! The Sleeping Giant has awakened! We are no longer willing to believe the lies and deceit of the Fake News and it's Main Stream Media! Although the Socialist/Communist Democrat party strives to gain votes, by playing on peoples dislikes of President Trump, most people now realize that all of their accusations are fabricated and full of half truths and plain old Lies! Independents Have completely turned their backs on the Corrupted Party and Will Vote against them, if they can overcome their personal dislike of President Trump! 

It is now a very safe prediction to say that the Democrat Party will suffer a very poor voter turn out! Their previous voters may not vote for President Trump, but they will certainly not be duped into voting for Biden and Harris. The corruption of the Socialist/Communist/Democrat Party has become evident for all to see, with the exception of those who blindly and ignorantly support them. 

They are loosing ground on a Daily Basis, when it comes to motivating people to vote for them! The Writing is on the Wall!


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