A Riddle In Progress

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 16 Jul 2019

Hello Everyone! I hope You are having a Blessed and Prosperous day!

If you are new to my posts, I have initiated a Riddle contest! The Riddle can be found in my posts Titled "The Riddle" and "Working My Four O'Clocks", and one other. I have made numerous posts with hints and clues, but, no one has figured it out yet! It should happen any day now, because a few of the hints are surely give aways! Yet no one has put the clues together, as of right now! The Prize for solving the ridle is valued at a little over $50, currently. If no one has solved it, the Prize goes up, in value, each Sunday!

The rules, to participate, are pretty simple and straight forward! Please tip my posts. The correct answer must appear in the comment section, of my most recent post. There are also 1 or 2 others shared in my posts. You will most likely need to go through my other posts for clues anyway, so please make sure to read the posts with the rules also.

Now, the moment some may have been waiting for, Yes, there is a clue hidden somewhere in this post! If you think you have the correct answer, please tip this post, and comment your answer in the section below!

Pleaese follow my blog and check out some of my other topics, as well! Thank you for Your time, attention, and interest!



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