A Quick Follow Up, On My Experience With Our First eBay International Sale

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 13 Jul 2020

Hello to All!

This post will be a follow up to my last post, which shares my experience with our first International Sale on eBay. That post is titled "A New Learning Experience".

I chatted with an eBay representative, just a short while ago. After providing details, about our first international sale, and how it appeared that we would have to pay the shipping, the rep. assured me that the customer would be paying the shipping. She explained that I should wait for the transaction to complete. She said that at that point the customer would be paying for the shipping charges specified in my listing. At this point, I will just have to wait and see how this turns out. She did say to contact them again, should things not prove to our satisfaction.

Hopefully, the customer will soon pay for the order. At that point, hopefully I will see that the customer has paid for our shipping charge. It is only $3.99, but, we don't have a big mark up on our items. In this case, after paying eBays selling fee, it will be close to the difference between a small profit, or a loss. I will update you when I have the final information.

Thank You for Your Time, Attention, and Interest!


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