Finding my place in the crypto world

By MonteyM92 | MumOf2&cryptonoob | 6 Oct 2020

Some people have the gift of the gab and could sell you a used bar of soap like it was the best used bar of soap you've ever set your eyes on lol! And I've noticed, that skill could earn you some big $ in the crypto world. A lot of platforms require recruiting, so you need 3 or more people in your team, who need 3+ in their team and so on and so forth. Once the people stop coming, so does the $ then out comes a new platform. 

I'm not one for the cycling systems at all, infact I would happily prefer a slow but steady (guaranteed) return rather than a hard and fast, because who doesn't love money that grows right? And yes - if you're new to crypto, money does literally grow 😂 it's a bit of a make the right move, with the right coin at the right time and you're up up & away haha! 

This brings me to a couple of newly found (to me) platforms that offer 200% returns, set Daily ROI% AND security.... Decentralized, smart contract etc. 

I have had fun with these investment platforms, though one went right down to 1% Daily profit 🤦‍♀️😂 but hey, still getting something I guess *may hit the big bucks if Tron ever reaches $1* hahaha! 

I am not advertising, not a financial advisor, nor am I a crypto expert. Purely just a stay home mother finding her place in the crypto world! 

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Stay home mama of 2 with a casual job, and just starting out in the crypto world


I became a Mother & home maker 3 years ago, in a couple of weeks I will have a 3 year old and a 2 year old. Life gets super crazy! In between juggling mum life, home life & steps to returning to work, I've started to take an intrest in the crypto world! And here I was thinking my life itself was crazy haha! I'm just here to talk about life with a crazy home and to tell anyone who maybe interested about my newly found crypto journey 😁

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