Free 50 TANK Tokens ($5) - ThinkTank Airdrop

By koialyssa | Multiple Money Maker | 20 Feb 2021

Thinktank is a platform where analysts get rewarded with TANK tokens for making predictions. The traders can participate in a variety of different types of pools.The airdrop will award you with 50 TANK Tokens.

Visit the company's airdrop page here.
Proceed to enter your email address and name.
Join their telegram.
Like Thinktank's Facebook page.
Congrats, you are all signed up for their airdrop!

You should receive an email by March 15th involving the airdrop where you can enter your Ethereum wallet details. Check out also, my reviews of iHodl (Airdrop for $10), Earnathon (Airdrop for $20.04), and Love Coins (Airdrop for $0.50-$2)   

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