Earn Money Playing Games with PlayKarma!

By koialyssa | Multiple Money Maker | 2 Aug 2021

PlayKarma is an app that you can use to make money via Paypal or Amazon GiftCard for playing games! Learn how I make up to $23.52 an hour just by playing slots. Since writing my previous article here I have received a even better referral code that grants you 500 points for joining worth $0.50 instead of the usual 300 points. Just click here or enter "koialyssa" on the sign up screen.

This is by far, (I've checked relentlessly downloading over 10 different get paid to play games apps) the best paying app to play games for money. It pays out 10x to 40x more then most get paid to play games apps and websites. This isn't even including their bonuses like; daily scratchcards, achievement bonuses, and cashback on redeeming your points!


They have loads of apps to choose from on their main page where you can make the most money. The apps I've played are Guns of Glory, Kings of Avalon, Match Masters, 9 Months, Scatter Slots, Gardenscapes, Township, POP! Slots, Game of Thrones Slots, and Wizard of Oz Slots. They offer you a certain amount of points per minute played so it adds up to a lot of money. I've already made over $100! You can cash-out for Paypal, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation Store, Starbucks, Nintendo, or Roots Giftcards. Each 1000 points is worth approximately one dollar. They also offer 5% cashback if you cash-out with $50 or more.


If you log in every day and earn points throughout the week you can gain scratchcards worth a lot of points. They give you bonus points based on the number of icons you get that match which type of scratch card you have.


They added recently a new way to do offers called "Multi Reward" in which you can earn points for various achievements on each app. You can earn a whopping $16.90 from just one game in achievements! I'd now recommend some of their offers as they seem to have a bunch out now versus before when they had very few.

Then there is the achievements which is a fun gamified way to earn some extra points. It's a handy way to make a few dollars on top of the money you make playing all the games.


In conclusion, PlayKarma is by far the best app to make money on your phone or tablet. They may have some problems loading your playtime sometimes but even including that error it still is the highest paying app out there. If you want to join click here and remember to enter "koialyssa" when you sign up for your bonus 500 points!

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Multiple Money Maker
Multiple Money Maker

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