Business with BCH

Being a part of BCH community in more than a year I'm glad that BCH is still a good and one of the safest crypto that can give an opportunity in every people.

Actually there a time in my mind that I want to give up. But there is no going back to the path that I created because I invested my feelings, money and also a time to promote this crypto in my community.

I started my all businesses with BCH this year and hoping that sooner or later I will achieved my goal. To be honest I already created an article about my every businesses but I lost my account in this platform. I created new one which is this account so I can promote again my businesses. Hoping that BCH will supporting me soon.

My Business that can accept BCH using Peer to Peer process and Also my activities.

-Gas Station


-Mini Grocery


-Souviner Shop in on process


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Multi Business with Bitcoin Cash
Multi Business with Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash for everyday life. Creating multi business with BCH is a big adoption in my community.

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