Presearch is a decentralized, adaptable and easy to use search engine.

Presearch is a decentralized, adaptable and easy to use search engine.

By MujiRuch | MujiYals | 18 Mar 2021


What is Presearch?

        Presearch is a non-profit decentralized search engine powered by the community. Users receive rewards in the form of PRE tokens for searching the internet. Advertisers earn benefits for staking PRE for preferred keywords. Operators receive rewards after staking PRE and running nodes. PRE transactions are enabled by the Ethereum blockchain. 

       How Presearch Userscan create an account and search through or download a chrome extension for their browser. I chose the later option and added it to my cryptotab browser. From there, it's fairly straightforward in terms of searching. Presearch offers a series of shortcuts to other search engines on popular sites under its search bar. You can even customize the links that appear through the "edit search providers" icon.  

       Why prereserach Asidefrom the rewards to users, advertisers, and node operators, Presearch offers a more transparent search engine that's both not for profit and community oriented. This transparency extends to the algorithms that determine rankings for keywords. In the future, more community involvement in the decisions and directions for Presearch is planned


Presearch Performance?

       My first three searches were exact keywords I previously searched for work. The returns were basically the same as when I used google, albeit with different, or no, advertisement links. These searches were for academic subjects and articles. When I changed the search to crypto related terms, the returns were predictable and in some cases keywords were already "staked."   


Staking Keywords/Advertising?

       For those looking for low cost advertisements or affiliate marketers, Presearch offers an intriguing option. Currently, advertising is essentially FREE. Keywords are bid on. The highest bidder then stake the number of PRE tokens bid for the keyword. They still own the PRE tokens staked for the keyword but receive traffic and even rewards when the staked keywords are searched. I don't want to give away too much, but there are still a significant number of crypto related keywords that have not been staked, despite the fact that Presearch is over 2 years old with a community around 10,000 members.


Getting PRE

       There are a couple of ways to get PRE tokens now. First, presale PRE is available through marketplace. The minimum buy is 1,000 tokens, with a price of $110 USD at the time of writing. Second, PRE is available on KuCoin. The current price is $0.09. Finally, you can earn PRE by joining and searching. I made the mistake of joining without a referral link and lost out on the 25 PRE bonus Here


Let's talk about search nodes

       The search nodes are made up of a network of computers that subscribe to the service through the platform. For this, the PC must have certain minimum CPU and GPU characteristics, in addition to completing the registration to obtain its operator code. A system of nodes that intercommunicate with each other, have the property of substituting each other in case of failures or system crashes, all with the purpose of providing an uninterrupted service.


       The Presearch Node software is designed for all users who want to provide their machine's resources and meet basic hardware requirements. Of course, search nodes will be paid with PRE tokens according to their activity. The node computer must be able to support "Docker " server software.


Will our privacy be secure?

       Security and privacy factors are a basic issue for Presearch. The user must feel that their searches are personalized and protected from threats, where they do not have exposure of their sensitive data, tracking habits, threat infiltration, while their browser is fast, effective and lightweight. Presearch handles anonymous queries handled by the service nodes doing a job of content scrubbing, free of tracking and data storage.

       Other features, such as: advertiser betting, community packs to optimize searches, node rewards, referrals, search engine window appearance, among others, will all be part of the tokenized project proposed by Presearch, according to adaptability and mass user and customer adoption


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