Aigar new Roadmap released.(2. Part)

By Kripto Murat | Mrtyildiz | 21 Oct 2019


We know that many stores want to accept cryptocurrencies for their goods, but in many aspects this adds unnecessary worries, since this cryptocurrency needs to be sold - exchanged for another asset, lose fees upon withdrawal, market volatility: today it is $ 100, and tomorrow it’s already $ 70. There are not profitable to take crypto assets, and you buy goods in fiat currency - then in the end it is not profitable. We have several options for solving these problems (We are waiting for your feedback, corrections).

For example, diversification of sales to protect the seller from market volatility. You have a gadget store, you buy goods from a wholesaler for USD, the wholesale price of 1 smartphone is USD 80, you sell a smartphone for USD 100: USD 20 is your profit.

You create your brand page on the Aigar platform, place goods. Customer purchases your smartphone for cryptocurrency (AGR or other supported cryptocurrency). In the settings of your brand page, the function of profit taking will be available, namely, a customized trading robot that will record your profit in another asset: you received payment in AGR for your smartphone, in the settings of the robot you set the settings to 80% of the payment received by the robot will exchange your AGR for USDT, and leave 20% in AGR, but do not sell below certain price for 1 AGR.

Total: you sold your smartphone for AGR, the bot after receiving a deposit to your balance automatically exchanged 80% AGR for USDT, and you left 20% AGR in your account. (You can configure the bot as you need, exchange your balance from the store once every 24 hours, 100% or 10% - you configure the actions of the bot yourself). You sold your smartphone for cryptocurrency - fixed the wholesale cost of your goods. The robot will interact with our internal exchange. (Perhaps in the future we will connect more exchanges and using API keys you can use our robot on your exchange: Sell goods on Aigar TradeMarket / connect Binance exchange via API / receive payment in AGR (BTC, ETH) on Aigar / use the robot to exchange an asset). The TradeMarket module will also feature secure transaction technology: each sale will be protected by Escrow account.

P2P OTC market architecture

1) Custumer freezes his cryptocurrency in Escrow AIGAR smart contract (the currency for which he wants to buy a gadjet) and inserts a payment invoice for this gadjet (Invoice details if this is the seller’s local bank).

2) Exchanger (Buyer of cryptocurrency for USD fiat) receives a signal that you need to pay an invoice, pay for it, confirm the payment - a notification of payment is sent to the customer and seller.

3) Cryptocurrency is automatically sent to the exchanger from the smart contract on which the funds were frozen.

4) The Customer receives the package.

5) The seller receives his fiat funds.



- The buyer, having bought cryptocurrency, can buy goods and services.

- The exchanger receives his earnings, fees of the transaction.

- Attraction of exchange services.


4. Exchange Lite. 

We will provide a light version of the online exchange and P2P OTC market.


5. A complete redesign of the Aigar platform.


6. New modular technology stack

Development of the main core of the platform and a modular system, creation of tools and APIs for developing applications on the platform: API for connecting and interacting DAPPs with the blockchain, methods for connecting and deploying applications on the platform itself, using user IDs, names, based on a decentralized structure. The system for deploying smart contracts on the platform, customization. At this stage, we will actively invite third-party developers to create applications within the platform: simple installation of new modules directly on the platform, applications that expand the basic functionality of the platform, and paid applications.

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