Aigar new Roadmap released.(1. Part)

By Kripto Murat | Mrtyildiz | 21 Oct 2019


Friends, this is the first version of the Aigar project roadmap.

Now this is version without specifying exact dates, a draft of innovations and changes that can be expected. Some of the points listed below we started doing during BTW. For example, the exchange module will be a light version of WhiteEx, which was launched and later disconnected for revision. Now it makes no sense to run it separately, the exchange functionality may well work as part of the platform itself.

Some things could not be implemented due to outdated BitWhite software. But with the new blockchain and platform, there are great opportunities for development, for us and from yours.

We know that you will have many questions. We need your help, your feedback, analysis of new modules. Therefore, a huge request to everyone - help in improving, because only this will help to attract new users and add value to your AGR funds.


AIGAR - CryptoSocial Platform RoadMap

ROADMAP v 0.1 (advance description without deadlines)



- beta testing of a social platform,

- collection of bug reports,

- fix of UI / UX problems (In progress),

- blockchain testing,

- launch Aigar explorer (Done),

- development of multi-currency wallet 1.0.3 (In progress)

- Optimization of the point system, creation of algorithms for using content.

- Creating a Content Reporter System: You can track unacceptable content and get rewarded for it. User can create a complaint about the post, moderators will check the content and issue a warning. Only 3 warnings, after a permanent page lock.

All actual reports will be taken on a count and you can get a moderator status.

In the case of many false reports, you will receive a temporary suspension of your account, with repeating is a permanent ban.



1. Content Agregator . Connect API of Telegram, Twitter, Facebook.

Using this module, you can follow telegram channels, pages of companies and people. When you connect the aggregator, all the news of the followed people / companies / groups will be automatically added to your news feed, so you can collect the content you need in your news feed.

2. Escrow Freelance. 

Making advertising on the search performers for your task, creating and posting a resume, company brand page. If you have a startup or an existing company, you have the opportunity to create a brand page for your project, to look for performers for small tasks or design work. The freelancer page has a rating and reviews. Each transaction is carried out using the “safe transaction” system with the creation of a transaction room based on blockchain technology. Now you do not need to worry about the competence of the performer.

For example: You have a startup, you need to find a responsible executive to translate your document into 15 languages. You create your own brand page for your startup, make advertising that you need to translate the document into 15 languages. For each translation you pay, for example, AGR or in any other available currency on the platform. When the contractor agrees to the work, you receive a notification that there are candidates, you are viewing the profiles of the performers, rating, reviews, completed work. If you choose performer, you agree to create a safe transaction room with him. In the room you note all points for work, the timing of the task. The chat room for communication with the contractor will also be present in the transaction room, this is also an integral part: in the conflict situation there will be arbitration to resolve the conflict. After creating the room, an ESCROW wallet will be automatically generated, where the customer deposits the transaction amount. After fulfillment of conditions and the agreement of the two parties, the funds will be redirected to the account of performer.


3. TradeMarket. 

Creating your store brand page with contacts, a description of your store, payment, delivery methods, product placement, online purchase for cryptocurrency.

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