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The vast evolution of cryptocurrencies over the span of a decade has been a rather astonishing phenomenon even the best of financial experts cannot comprehend. It's sudden emergence into the world's financial atmosphere in recent years obviously came as a shocker to many. With the mind-boggling impact this history-defining technology has had on the world economy clearly suggesting that more is yet to come, I deem it righteous to say that the ability to seize this rare opportunity while it last, by investing in cryptocurrencies, will be the wisest decision anyone will ever make in their lifetime.
That being said, A brief glance at the image above, shows the various cryptocurrencies I am HODLing at the moment. I must add that the knowledge I have acquired through the time I have dedicated to learn about cryptocurrencies and how the cryptosphere operates over the years, is the major factor that have influenced the type of coin I am investing in today.
The rest of this article clearly gives an insight on four (4) of the cryptocurrencies in my portfolio, and the reason why I have invested in them.

The whole cryptoshpere literally revolves around Bitcoin. I don't think you can discuss cryptocurrency without talking about Bitcoin.
The main reason why Bitcoin is, and will always remain my first choice on my investment portfolio is because of its high level of price volatility.
Although, this comes with two outcomes, either you end up with great loss or great profit, but as a really patient and enthusiastic crypto-HODLer I always aim at the latter.
If I must add, my interest in cryptocurrency started when I heard about the popular bull run that happened in late 2017.
I had very little knowledge about cryptocurrency then and got really curious. Upon hours of research, I got very astonished to discover that a digital coin which was worth literally nothing in 2008 was able to skyrocket in value to hit a figure almost approaching $20,000 in less than a decade.
My strong interest led to my first investment in early 2018 when the value plumetted significantly. Although I got many discouraging advices from close pals who told me the glory days of Bitcoin were over and I was only going to end up losing all my investments in the nearest future. I can confidently say I'm a big fan of Bitcoin not only because of the profits it has fetched me but because of how much I admire it's significance in the cryptosphere. Being the first cryptocurrency to be introduced into a world with a very strict economic and financial policy, it was able to thrive against all odds. It is also worthy to note that the activities we've witnessed in recent weeks is great proof that the glory days of Bitcoin is just beginning and this promising cryptocurrency is one hell of a goldmine you shouldn't miss investing in.

Etheruem, being the 2nd largest cryptocurrency based on its market capitalisation is far from the reason I chose to invest in ethereum.
With my aforementioned reason not being considered in my analysis, recent research which I have scrutinously conducted on ethereum has made me conclude that it is one of the most promising cryptocurrency in the cryptoshpere.
NASA's interest in Ethereum last year where they pumped in a huge amount to acquire top-notch Ethereum-based technology which will help facilitate Deep Space Exploration in the nearest future only gives significant proof to my analogy. Ethereum's Vast flexibility and scalability is one that is yet to be unmatched even by Bitcoin. Now that is also what makes it a force to reckon with.
With that being said, My investment in Ethereum can be likened to one who would rather join the bandwagon with full knowledge of what it has in store and not just because it is filled with people, than become an onlooker who will end up regretting when the celebration starts.

Binance Coin (BNB) 
Aside from being the official coin of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance coin on its own hold great prospect. It's recent pump which saw it cross the $39 value mark was what got my attention. What is even more astonishing is that all these was achieved under two years. Tracing this coin back to mid-2017, it looked as if it had no prospect at all. The scrutiny it was subjected to by many cryptocurrency enthusiasts made tonnes of investors to back down from making such risky investment.
But in my point of view, I'm optimistic that investing in Binance Coin is a risk worth taking not only by me, but by all other investors out there.

Investing in this coin obviously was a very tricky choice for me to make due to its significantly low publicity, coupled with the fact that their public sales proceed didn't amount to much, compared to many other Alts.
MATIC is one coin which in my perspective, is a bombshell on the verge of exploding, and I mean that in the positive sense. We saw a sign of its great prospect some days after it was listed on Binance, and I strongly believe this better days are yet to come.
Although, the current Bull-run of Bitcoin is having a significant effect on its current value just like other Alts, like every other enthusiastic crypto-investors out there, I'll HODL on!

                        FINAL THOUGHTS
We are in an ever-changing world and being stagnant is not an option. This was my ideology when I ventured into cryptocurrency and it is obviously what is keeping me going.
The cryptosphere holds massive opportunities for everyone to enjoy from, our ability to harness these opportunities and benefit from them is what makes us better people.
In my few years as a crypto-enthusiast, I've learnt that every cryptocurrency which has been introduced with the sole aim of improving the cryptosphere holds great prospect. In as much as I'm holding a particular set and not in favour of others doesn't mean they aren't worth investing in. I believe our ability to choose which coin to invest in is what makes us unique.
Let's all go out there and make the cryptoshpere a better place by Investing!

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