Cryptocurrencies to watch for in 2020
Cryptocurrencies to watch for in 2020

By MrHumble | MrHumble | 13 Jan 2020

As a crypto enthusiast watching cryptocurrencies for years, I believe following currencies are the ones to watch in 2020 as they have many events happening that may imoact their prices.


  1. Bitcoin: Bitcoin mining rewards are expected to be halved in the second half of 2020. Current mining rewards are 12.5 bitcoins per block, which is going to be reduced to 6.25 bitcoins per block. So as the supply reduces, we can expect an increase in demand for Bitcoins (but it always not correct as halving of litecoin didn't make much difference to litecoin's price)
  2. Ethereum: Ethereum is expected to switch from PoW consensus to PoS consensus in 2020, not sure of the exact timeline, though. So one can expect a demand for ETH increase as at least 32 ETH is required for staking. Currently all the leading DEFI apps are built on Ethereum and hence increase in transactions of those apps will lead to increase in demand for ETH. As DEFI apps are providing very competitive interest rates than banks, one just needs patience to see explosion of ETH prices
  3. NEM: Nem(XEM) is working its new version CATAPULT, and the latest version is expected to release in the first quarter of 2020. Catapult will be a completely new chain, and users have to covert the XEM to CATAPULT tokens. As Catapult is a 4.0 blockchain, one can expect wider adoption, mainly social media applications. Testnet for catapult is released recently 
  4. Cardano: 3 versions of Cardano, namely SHELLEY, GOGUEN, and BASHO, are going live in 2020 in the same order, so expect a lot of activity and news related to Cardano (ADA) in 2020. Also paid testnet has been launched in late 2019 which increased its visibility among crypto community
  5. CRO Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™ | Best Place To Buy Sell Store Crypto | recently launched exchange and thus utility of CRO comes in play and recently they have frozen half of CRO supply meaning its supply is reduced so expect demand to pick up in 2020. Also with releasing of the exchange platform and providing the trading pairs in CRO has met with hike in price. Also a separate staking of CRO at 20% return on exchange platform will boost the demand in near future. 
  6. BAT: Brave browser in late Nov claimed to have released 1.0 version and even DAI (stablecoin) accepts BAT as collateral should increase a demand for BAT in 2020. With Brave acting a new advertising platform, introducing the mobile browser has definitely increased the demand in recent days. With more DEFI apps coming up BAT may act as a stable collateral next to Ethereum.

Also to note that all cryptocurrencies move in tandem with Bitcoin any large move in bitcoin would also impact altcoins .

Disclaimer: I may hold all or some of the cryptocurrencies mentioned above. originally posted by me in Quora .


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