Irreversible (2002) So Disturbing Movie That People Leave From Its Premiere (Review)

Irreversible (2002) So Disturbing Movie That People Leave From Its Premiere (Review)

By Genaro | movies | 29 Mar 2020


Plot: Telling the story it is built on upside down, just like in the movie Memento of director Christhoper Nolan. The film begins with events of the last scene of the story and ends with the first scene of the story. Each next scene ends at the point where the scene before it begins. Scenes are divided by hectic rotating camera. The story follows two men disparate nature who get to the very bottom of society to carry out revenge. The spectator learns in the previous scenes of the story, but in subsequent film-scenes what they lead to, and what actions were taken before heinous crime occured.


"We are going to the Rectum!" Opening credits promise in their audiovisual administration unforgettable experience. The camera and illumination look very good until the moment when the camera starts to wiggle too long, creating unnecessary confusion and boredom. Although creates the impression of world’s eformation, but it cancels intensity. The process of talking of story pleases the audience and stimulates its curiosity. Nolan brothers solve in the film Memento transitions between newer and older events by the paranoid phone calls and more revealing nature of the main character, while Noé offers in Irreversible only a confusing twist of the camera. Here, none of the characters present has a similar defect as the protagonist of Memento, so if you have not read the contents of the film, the topic and the cause of action you need to guess. Gaspar Noé with the reputation as a representative of the New French Extremity put violence in this movie too. The brutality here is only for strong stomachs, roughest of a series of Butcher, who didn’t have already much to offer. Butcher again solves the same problems as in previous films series, but this occurs only as a cameo. More space for Vincent Cassel delights the audience, it's a better actor than Phillip Nahon, from whose fate was abandoned. Sit back, walk through one of the worst possible situations, one of the worst environments full of bastards and miserable existences is just beginning. Chekhovs guns are beautiful. However, I have a reservation to the plot that was enough to add the carelessness  to character and it launched a carousel of events. Natural sounding dialogue even before the first terrible event are a relief well to listen to them.


Conclusion:9/10. As a result, you receive a cocktail of mixed emotions all possible, which should be given in moderation, containing small formal and content mistakes that you will forgive because of the result. If you like unusual experiments, this is the film for you.


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