Let's Talk - Call of Duty_Modern Warfare_Multiplayer
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Let's Talk - Call of Duty_Modern Warfare_Multiplayer

Let's Talk Call of Duty Multiplayer for a Minute

I have played every single Call of Duty game that there is to play. This is by far, one of the best ones yet.

If you have ever played a COD game, then, you might now that it is one of the most popular games amongst gamers. With its wide variety of guns to choose from and its unique competitive combat and killstreaks, leaving gamers wanting more. I have bought nearly every single COD there is, just to find out what new features the game offers.

While with the new Modern Warefare, they brought back some older killstreaks, as well as, some unique new ones. One killstreak that they brought back is the Juggernaut that was featured in MW3. This allows the player to pick up a rather powerful suit of armor allowing the ability to take several bullets at once and survive. The Juggernaut is equipped with a chaingun that is similar to a sentry gun, that will shred through many enemies at once. That is just one of the few that they added back into the COD franchise.

One killstreak, that I am particularly happy that they brought back, is the ability to drop a nuke to end the game. This is a challenging killstreak to get, but, if you do happen to get it, will be one that will have your blood pumping adrenaline by the end of the game. It is rather tough. They changed the amount of kill from 25 to get a nuke, to 30. If you happen to get a nuke by getting a 30 kill streak, be sure to save the gameplay. This will allow you the ability to show off your skills on great websites (Youtube and other social media) for people to watch. I have watched many so they are always trending. 

Below is a list of the killstreaks that are featured in Modern Warfare.


3 Kills

Personal Radar

Shield Turret *NEW


4 Kills

Counter UAV


Care Package


5 Kills

Cluster Strike

Cruise Missle

Precision Airstrike 


7 Kills

Infantry Assault Vehicle *NEW

Sentry Gun



8 Kills

Emergency Airdrop



10 Kills

White Phosphorus *NEW

Chopper Gunner


11 Kills

Support Helo


12 Kills


Advanced UAV


15 Kills


30 Kills

Tactical Nuke (DEFCON)


A great playlist that I seem to select often is Ground War. 

For those who don't know what ground war is, this playlist consists of holding down objectives and whichever team holds the most the longest, wins the game. That is of course unless the other team holds all of them for 40 or so seconds in Modern Warfare. If your team is behind and ends up holding down all the flags for that amount of time, a DEFCON counter starts. Once this counter reaches 0, a nuke is then dropped, ending the game for your team to take home the win.

Another thing that I enjoy about this playlist is the number of players allowed on one map. It is the biggest game-type in COD with a playlist featuring teams of 32, with a total of 64 players allowed on one map.


Other Types of Multiplayer Game Modes


Quickplay: This is a game type that allows the gamer control over which game types that they would like to experience. 

The following is a list of the game types within the quickplay filter.


  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free-for-All
  • Cyber Attack - previously known as demolition
  • Domination
  • Search and Destroy
  • Headquarters
  • Hardpoint
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Infected
  • Team Deathmatch 10v10
  • Domination 10v10

Outside of the quickplay variant:

Realism Mosh Pit- This is what people who played the hardcore version of multiplay might choose. With its minimal HUD and increased headshot damage, you will feel the realisticness of this variant.

Ground War- Is a Larger map featuring a hold the objective to win. In this mode, there will be tanks and helicopters, so, be careful on the ground and from buildings above. Stay tactful on the battlefield.

Gunfight- 2v2 game experience that is new for COD players. You have one life per round. 6 rounds to win. Which is the better team?

Rotating Playlists:


Grind- Similar to Kill Confirmed. The only difference is that you have to return the dog tags that you recover to the objective point in order to score for your team.

Shoot House 24/7- Fast-paced 6v6 mosh pit featuring the new Shoot House Map.



Private Match- A great way to learn maps and challenge your friends privately.


That is just a few things about the multiplayer portion of the game. I haven't had the game long enough to explore everything within the game. I do know however this is my favorite COD game since MW2. And that was released several years ago. 

They did bring back Spec-Ops cooperative missions, and there is a campaign. I still need to check those out. I tried the campaign briefly, but, not long enough to give proper feedback. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been hooked on the multiplayer playlist of the game. I will write another blog explaining my experience with other features of the game. 

I would definitely recommend this game to any fan of the franchise who didn't like the last few releases of the Call of Duty series.  

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