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By CryptoServices | MotivationSupport | 4 Feb 2019


The story of my self,

first I wrote is I often failed, often feel a variety of bitterness in life that sometimes I feel alone to live it all.

in the bitterness on the process I realize the various pleasures of the process I was living, and here I learned why I failed?

the variety of the profession that I have been working on starting from a construction laborers, here I start so I experienced a heavy burden I enjoy, till the end, I understand that we have to fight, and we also have to work hard because I realize now still a young man and this is an opportunity to continue to work and build innovations.

until I started learning how to build a change ourselves by having the knowledge and competencies which bring me is getting much better.

until the end of her I started to know about the technology that is now increasingly sophisticated with the various features of the best features, starting in 2018 to know cryptocurrency there, I understand that the utilization of a good technology provides a variety of opportunities for those who have learned from the beginning.

I am very happy because it can get to know the cryptocurrency, ranging from the utilization of technology and development in its development.

Since getting to know cryptocurrency programme, especially in the event of such competition or event marketing activities, I am increasingly interested to continue to learn and continue to live them.

then there I continue to develop themselves, began to learn little by little began to learn the language, interact, and learn to build a relationship as well as expresses an idea or opinion, and began to find a passion.

up to now, I want to continue to learn to friends of friends, friends as well as the various sources of quality sources to build the passion to know cryptocurrency so that is getting closer.

Sorry if my English structure is still not nice
Thanks hopefully useful

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