By Aloys | Zero Taboo | 3 Aug 2023


I close my eyes, for a moment, I see you,
Your image takes shape, in my thoughts it arises.

A shiver runs through my being, a gentle breeze,
And in that fleeting moment, everything is imbued with magic.

I imagine you, you are there, so close to me,
Your radiant smile, a sparkle in the emotions.

Your sparkling eyes, reflections of an ocean,
Captivate my gaze, overwhelm me with momentum.

In my wildest dreams, I invite you to dance,
At the ball of emotions, our hearts intertwine.

The notes of love, an intoxicating melody,
Envelop us with an intoxicating grace.

I imagine you, you are there, in this soft whisper,
Who caresses my senses, kindles nature in me.

Your words, like kisses, touch my skin,
And my soul ignites, a blaze of flame and water.

Together, we sail towards distant horizons,
Where time stands still, where the stars draw.

The promises of a love that knows no end,
And every second lived is a divine treasure.

I close my eyes, for a moment, I keep you inside me,
Your essence persists, even when I awaken at once.

Because in my heart, you remain, eternal present,
And our connection transcends time.

May this image, so precious, never fade away,
May it be deeply anchored, may it be my reflection.

For even in distance, in imperfect reality,
I imagine you, you are there, my intimate and secret love.

I close my eyes, just for a moment, I imagine you,
You are here……

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