Im sick and tired of this Bitcoin

Im sick and tired of this Bitcoin

By saykot | Mother's Love | 23 Aug 2019

Where is the money?
In this real the real money

Sick and tired seeing some rubbish tokens I invested into some, Nothing.

I Don't know how should I make money with Bitcoin?

I been doing trading but You need at least few thousend to make it worthed time And efforts.

I have done trading day trading and swing trading..
What is scam about this that sell price on exchanger are always lower then Buy price.
Its a pure scam Exchangers Got fees from US... Why They steal like this more?
So the Trading on Exchangers like binance ,polo is worthed Only for People who Got Good wealth all Ready!!

Thank You and I Hope at least someone Here Had a Good day!!


hi..i am saykot.always wanna know about crypto.

Mother's Love
Mother's Love

I am saykot.I am not a trader or not speacialist about crypto.But i am internet surfer.Every day I surf internet for learn and share knowledge.I love to learn tech related things. HAPPY LEARNING

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