These Traders Still Win During Market Downturn

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you know that almost every market is falling. The S&P 500 is down over 20% this year and crypto markets are seeing one of the worst bear markets yet. However, the top participants of the Morpher trading competition managed to still increase their portfolios by up to 272.26% between 15 March and 15 May 2022, regardless of the poor market conditions during that period.

Morpher is a trading platform created to give everyone in the world free access to global markets. It was built to enable financial success by eliminating the need for middlemen like banks, brokers and exchanges. It does that by using blockchain technology to create virtual copies of the world’s best assets on the blockchain and allowing everyone to trade them, for free.

During Morpher’s first global trading competition, over 1400 participants from 110 countries competed to win over $2,000 in the protocol’s native token, MPH. The only requirement to join was to have an account on the Morpher trading platform. Surprisingly, even during the stock and crypto markets’ downturn, over 40 percent of the participants had positive results. But how is that possible?

The trading strategies that beat the market

The  most traded markets in the Morpher competition were BTC, ETH and Gold but here are some other tactics traders used:

  • 84% of them short sold markets
  • 60% used leverage
  • 10% traded stocks on the weekend

As you can see, the fact that Morpher makes it so easy for users to short sell made a huge difference for traders during this bear market. However, these were not the only strategies used. The competition’s top performers heavily relied on using leverage to win.

Take the competition’s winner for example, a Morpher user based out of Benin in West Africa, who managed to more than double his portfolio (272%). He did that by going long on Zilliqa with 5x leverage and then getting out of the market as both stocks and crypto collapsed.

Another participant from Argentina came in at the 3rd place by trading tech stocks. His best trade was going long on Apple with 10x leverage. Keoma Padua is 22 and currently a university student. In his free time, Keoma is a gamer, soccer player and trader.

“I think crypto is the future and I am working hard to learn more about trading and investing. I like Morpher because it’s easy to use,” he said.

And he isn’t alone. Muamar Camar, a Morpher user from Spain, came in 6th by trading stocks. He is married, father of one child, and works as a housekeeper at a mall. He is learning how to trade and invest to make some extra income. His most successful trade was going on long on BTC with 10x leverage.

Muamar said: “I love Morpher because it's not only about cryptos. It also has the stock market and foreign exchange to invest and trade.”

Morpher Trader Performance

The easy access to global markets and advanced trading features made it possible for these traders to heavily outperform the market. Without Morpher, this variety of markets would not be easily accessible in the countries they reside in.

The importance of access to the markets

There are good reasons to want to trade and invest, perhaps now more than ever. People need easy and cheap access to investment opportunities if they are to be financially successful and have a better future. Especially as world economies enter a period of high inflation and low growth, with salaries stagnating while prices increase, and savings rapidly losing their value. To hedge against inflation, people need to be able to invest.

Unfortunately, the financial system is broken. Around 80 percent of the world’s population still has little or no access to financial markets, while the other 20 are overcharged for whatever access they can get. These conditions make diversifying portfolios extremely hard, and transaction costs often too high. The system is rigged against the little guy.

By copying financial markets on the blockchain, Morpher makes them accessible to everyone. By replacing middlemen like banks, brokers and exchanges with software, the platform makes it possible to trade and invest without having to pay fees. Morpher makes trading and investing accessible, easy and free for everyone.

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Martin |
Martin |

CEO and co-founder of Morpher Making trading free and infinitely liquid

Morpher Protocol
Morpher Protocol

Morpher is a DeFi protocol empowering its users to trade stocks, commodities, and crypto with zero fees and no counterparty via virtual swaps on Ethereum. Morpher’s users stake the protocol’s native token MPH on the price development of a market, e.g. the Apple stock. The Protocol acts as counterparty and mints/burns MPH token proportionally to the price change of the underlying. Morpher replicates the economics of trading traditional assets on the blockchain without engaging in trading the underlying.

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