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How it all started with crypto

By Capricorne888 | More for you | 28 Dec 2021

Back in 2010 my friend talked to me about something called bitcoin. He was mining with his computer at that time. He tried to explain to me what bitcoin was.

I was not interested at all since it had no value basically and looked too complicated to try to learn…

Back then I was stupid if I think about that. I had the chance to put my hands on some cheap bitcoin and even mine them. Sadly I missed the train but started grinding crypto on websites back in 2015 and tried many places to earn more.

Sadly a lot of website end up leaving with our earnings or simply not paying at all.

Last summer I decided to give a try to the helium hotspot and haven’t been disappointed. It’s the best purchase to get more cryptocurrency that I could do this year.

Again, my mistake was to not buy more of them and start earlier.

Even this project was showed to me via and ad on Facebook last year and again, I was not willing to invest into that project.

Yet, I don’t regret my purchase of hotspots. In my opinion, it’s the best and easiest way to mine cryptocurrency this year.


It have low energy consumption and good earnings. What else can I ask…

I’m pretty sure the best is to come when it’s regarding cryptocurrency.

Only the futur will tell.

Hopefully you will also have the chance to earn some with time if you haven’t already started…


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