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Guide to Port Forward Helium Hotspot

By Capricorne888 | More for you | 29 Dec 2021

I saw many asking how to fix « relayed » with their Helium hotspot. 
This can be done in 3 easy steps!

You will need to be connected to the same network as the hotspot. Login to the router by going to or

Usually if you haven’t changed it, the username and password by default should be admin, admin.


  • Once you are connected to the router, you will need to find the list of devices connected to your network. Find something with a weird name (can be random digits and letters) and find the ip associated with it. This may be your hotspot if you don’t recognize this device.
  • With some router, you should have the choice to set a static ip for this device directly in the tab showing you who’s connected to the network. If not, you have to find the static ip page and make this ip fix so it won’t change in the futur.
  • After that, the last step is to find the port forwarding page and select or add the device/ip (internal ip) of your hotspot and add port 44158


These steps should help you resolve the « relayed » issue.

Hopefully this helped you with the steps on how to fix your problem. I

Wishing you some good earnings in the futur!

I will try to update the post with pictures and maybe a video soon.

Thanks for reading

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