Definitively block spam calls on Iphone

By Capricorne888 | More for you | 31 Dec 2021

If you are or have been an Iphone user in the past you will know what I’m talking about.

Spammers…! I know everyone can receive these calls and messages and block them one by one.

Basically what I did for a long time… I received spam calls days and nights over and over. At a certain point I had to put my phone on Do Not Disturb or simply put the cellphone on vibration only.

One day I simply got tired of receiving annoying calls so I went online and searched for a spam call blocker… Something that can barely be found online from the app store.

I end up trying this app and surprisingly after blocking many area codes or firsts digits of a spam number. 98% of spam calls stopped!

How does the app works?

Example; You keep getting spam calls from an area you don’t know and the first 3-6 digits are the same most of the time, let’s say 836-555-????

With the app it allows you to block every message or phone calls by adding 836XXXXXXX to the list. 
This will block all call that starts with 836 no matter what the other numbers are.

You can also be more specific by adding 836555XXXX to the list to block everything starting by 836555

I’v been using it myself and thought I should share this simple life hack with you guys.

You can download it from the app store for free.

App link to the app store 

App download page

Thanks for reading.

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