The Man Within'

The Man Within'

By Morain | Morain | 29 May 2020

Few days ago I joined publish0x As I always do, starting from the end to the begining, reading a book from the end to the beginning, I started writing articles without even a short or basic introduction of myself. I intend to use this article to present a short and basic overview of 'The Man Within'.  

I was born In the late eighties, I grew up pretty fast, and at an early age, just after my primary and secondary Education, I left home. I was overpowered by the adventurous and wandering spirit inside of me struggling to be let loose.

Am spontaneous, very unpredictable and highly sensitive. Am Prone to mood swings. I always find ways to make every conversation, every gathering meaningful and entertaining by just sharing experiences, future planing, pushing for surport of Noble courses or simply smoking marijuana with friends and sharing deep thoughts and personal hypothesis of life and everything.

Apart from my writing and poetical skills, am also a very talented rapper and songwriter. The easing of the lockdown in Lagos allowed my self and the whole crew(Ash Nation) to be able to get in the studio and do some recording. When the song is out I'll probably share it with you guys.

I love Bitcoin but I love Bitcoin cash more. I'll explain in another article. My interests are basically in the field of crypto currency, poetry, music, movies, theology and the study of the occult. Am a wandering Traveller. I have been to several African countries including Togo Benin Republic and Ghana. I have visited nearly all the states in Nigeria. is like an elder brother to me, giving me the phsycogical push to practice my writing and poetry skills, the financial motivation and most importantly an environment of writers and readers who are so passionate that you'll miss so much if you don't login in a single day. The platform and concept is simply top notch and futuristic.

I don't like making promises, but I promise to be here and write as much articles as I can. Drawing Inspiration from the community, with hopes of inspiring someone else to succeed. I want to be part of the success stories of in five years to come. I want to be a part of the team who will take Bitcoin cash to a whole new height in Nigeria because of its flexibility, low fee transactions, and top notch development.

Wish me Luck!


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Am adventurous Compassionate spontaneous and warm hearted. More of a wandering spirit, a Traveller.


Adventure Curiosity Advanced Knowledge Theology Religion Human Mind Wandering thoughts and a whole lot of the abstract!

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