Lust for words!!! II [Poetry]

Lust for words!!! II [Poetry]

By Morain | Morain | 30 Aug 2020

Lust for words

Imagination rules I thrive on the treasures of thoughts

Like a blind poet, to me: meditation is a pleasure of sorts

Scary to some in flock with the rebellious ones

Is like I started rapping before your father was one

My life is a mystery, even my father was lost

The order was gone, the others: my brother wondered if they knew what bothered is blood

You're always down, I hope you reach up

I hope you speak deep tongues

Cause rappers are feeble and dumb

I scribble my scrolls with bones of deceased popes

Judas was much more crucial to time Hours of trials are much more like lemons and limes

Above the skies I know glory resides mind slaves please don't let my glory depart

There where blind days, I could I ever knew time changed

That time knew me to my last name

I come at you not with rhymes, but with bullets of Truth

Poof, and it rhymes: you see am a psalmist too

Dreams are pleasures for kids


Reality king, tell me please what thing does fantasy brings

Fantasy lives, my life is a fantasy see..... They fantasizing about effing me D

I told you D, that we going make it B.I.G.

Heart crossed, am on a boat to an outlaw m.i.c passports?

Am the best candidate like PAC was. Am in the streets all day like a brawl

Ask my landlord!


Am adventurous Compassionate spontaneous and warm hearted. More of a wandering spirit, a Traveller.


Adventure Curiosity Advanced Knowledge Theology Religion Human Mind Wandering thoughts and a whole lot of the abstract!

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