The Art Of Living!


By Morain | Morain | 2 Sep 2020



Life took me to the gates of hell

Felt God left me

Couldn't live on no salary boy

I took my chances

With my dreams, pot heads, travellers

Crack heads

Those kind of circumstances

I is a living witness

To man's inhumanity

I have bruises I have proof

I seek vengeance I seek Truth

If I get redemption

I could get saved

Pour libations

Let the spirit take root


Let our Ancestors out

Let our souls take flight

On this very mount

Truth be told

You can't find happiness

Unless you embrace yourself

With a deep sacred state of mind

I come upon you

With the plaques of the world on a table

Placed before you

I say Religion is the greatest divide

I speak the Truth

The war was first fought in our minds, We lost

What a sad Truth

It was like a Damm Game of thrones

I watched the story unfold

While they were scrambling for the throne

I was etching my scrolls

Plaqued with thoughts of tommorow

Of supremacist in high places

Of black descents in foreign Nations

I televise my thoughts in this melodies

Hoping you would have a good time

Or find a remedy

it was an issue of settling scores

Love is free

But why can't they free us

The struggle was

Who's gon live long

Who's gon set the sky ablaze

With his magic words

May God never forbid us

I think you have to pray for these priests

And colour bleachers

The disease of loosing yourself plaques your mind and

Divides your soul into many pieces

I came with the chronicles

When times were unbearable

I sought out the spiritual

On my way home

I saw God in the corner of an eye

I heard the priest said never lower your guard

Desires in your heart could turn to your god!

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