Day by Day: The Rainmaker Diaries!!!

By Morain | Morain | 31 Aug 2020

The Whirling Circle   Day by day the sun rise and sets   Day by day someone dies in an isolated part of the planet that I don't even know exist

Day by day the horrors of war are visited on people who happen to be on the wrong part of the planet at a wrong time

Day by day sinners and saints die the heart beats until it stops

Day by day I wake with a new dream

An old pain

Thoughts of the future

And of the bitter nature of the past

Day by day I aspire to happiness but my sorrows know no bounds

Am happy, yes only because I chose to be day by day no matter the weather

Day by day people get shot and babies get born

Day by day I write, I seek expressions for multiple motives

I seek knowledge I seek Truth I seek understanding and Freedom from pain

Day by day, yet my sorrow knows no bounds!

Day by day my imagination widens and my thoughts restless

Day by day I climb the endless ladder of eternity

In search of immortality and solitude

Of that which doesn't exist

Day by day I perceive the world in different fragrance

Of hurting winds and soothing sun

Of endless rain and vicious storms

Day by day I strive for perfection

Though I know I will never attain it

Day by day the days don't stay the same

I fall in love and get angry with love

For bringing me laughter and pain

Day by day as bombs and bullets ravage one part of the world

Somewhere else in a bunker, in the club, wild parties and orgies

Day by day I let my thoughts roam for a destination of peace

For only in the peace of mind is paradise

Day by day unions are made and bonds broken

Wether for good or for bad the life of man must pay the price

Day by day death draws close to everything living

The absent of the knowledge of when makes it even more perilous for some

Day by day the boy became a man

The shooting star was seen and the subconscious awakened

Day by day feelings grow so does the spirit

Can I say I love LOVE

Because I thought about it before and laugh

Day by day I wait with passion and intrigue at what thoughts will possess my conciousness

For it is in conciousness lies the power of the knowledge of life

Life in it's purest form

Day by day a seed grows, a seed that was not planted

A seed whose foliage is called weed

Day by day a movement is born!  always seeking to liberate

But take souls in the course of it's quest

Hear and heed my words for when am no more

You'll say still he is, for indeed he stole our hearts and awakened our conciousness

Day by day someone records a song in his closet that is going to change the life of one he knows not

As above so below

Day by  day I see the beauty in a sloppy appearance

I become afraid of my own personality

Day by day I battle with doubts

With thoughts not to be mentioned to man

Nations rise and fall, hearts get broken    A new world is forming.

Uncertainty befalls mankind like never before in history.

Day by day I see the potential in you but I pray your intelligence don't kill you

I pray my conciousness don't drive me mad

How could the weight of the world be on my shoulders

I created not the world, and am dead sure am not the only one aware of it's problems and solutions

Day by day I try to be the change I want to see In the world

My desires and flesh Betray this course but In my mind's eye I see utopia


Escape is freedom!

Day by day, we escape from different kind of life challenges

Day by day, the escape from freedom of life and love occurs.

Escape happens due to threat both negative and positive.

People escape to light, when they realize wisdom make ends meet

Day by day,I escape to light,to stand a chance of life

A life of freedom is based on the chance gotten to escape been captive of lifeless existentialists

Escape can lead to intended danger, when freedom is not guaranteed


Day by day, Escape help to motivate and build your confidence in freedom

You never know how free you are until you ESCAPE

Day by day some find Escape in drugs

Some people escape from love to hate and Vice versa

Escape from darkness to light, occurs in tribes, religions, relationships, friends, even families!

Day by day, Escape occurs base on situations of life generally

We learn to escape especially when the threat is high and to our detriment

Days of escape are days of life and Death

You might not live to see freedom, and you might end up being free forever

As above so below

Day by day i crave for water, an insatiable thirst

I crave for a being with a bliss that perfects the peace of Mind

Day by day I watch the desires of my flesh and spirit compete

To escape to freedom

day by day, you have to be patient to see the planted seed escape out to the light and beauty of the world

You escape to high rank and position when your seed is harvested

Day by day every man gets a high possibility to Escape to a brighter part of life, in both love and hate.

Day by day, the world Escape into civilization and disaster.

As above so below

Day by day unrighteousness abound in the world of imaginary righteousness

Escape from instant judgement to freedom of being judged

Day by day, the escape to freedom of heart breaks and betrayals becomes the freedom of happiness and peace of mind

Freedom of disappointment, pervertery envy, hatred and jealousy from escape can still lead to a worse bondage or the brightest of light.

  Thanks to my lovely Chrysanthemum!!! My flowery Love!!! For her thoughts are here also!!!   To be continued  

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