Legal Leaf: How To Buy

Legal Leaf: How To Buy

I decided to make a quick lil article on how to get started buying for those who are uninitiated, or perhaps new to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Getting Your Wallet

In order to buy Legal Leaf, you will need a crypto wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain. I personally use MetaMask because I also have some Ethereum-based investments, but TrustWallet is probably the more common wallet – and is more easy to use with the BSC compared to MetaMask. After getting your wallet set up, you’ll need to buy some BNB to purchase the coin.

As seen above; you’ll need to select the Smart Chain Option to enter the correct wallet and get the proper wallet address. Do Not Use BNB. Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but the BNB[BEP2] used to buy is technically “wrapped” BNB[BEP20] – referring to the fact that this BNB is meant for use on the Smart Chain and is hence ‘wrapped’ to distinguish it from true BNB. I honestly suggest simply disabling the regular BNB so you don’t need to worry about any possible confusion later on.

How To Get BNB(wBNB) To Buy Legal Leaf

There’s a few ways to buy the BNB needed on the BSC to buy your coin. TrustWallet conveniently has the option to buy the BNB straight from their wallet through a third-party – it’s honestly going to be the simplest way – in my opinion. *Make Sure You’re On The Smart Chain*

Alternatively, you can purchase BNB from Binance themselves. The only problem with this method is that Binance requires you to prove your identity (nothing wrong with that) and that can take from 4 to 10 days. After you get verified, then you can add your bank information to make the purchase. After that goes through, you must wait 10 days for your funds to settle before you can move your BNB to your wallet. So it takes a few weeks to be properly set up; unfortunately. Also, if you’re in the United States….. you’ve got some more steps…. You’ll need to get your BNB[BEP2] and convert it to BNB[BEP20] for use on the BSC. Binance does offer their Bridge tool which allows you to transfer between the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain, but this isn’t allowed for U.S. based users. 

Your best bet at this point if you’ve purchased BNB from BinanceUS is to get the Binance Chain Wallet browser extension for Chrome or Firefox which gives you a multiwallet which allows you to send your BNB to your BSC address, resulting in a cross-chain transfer, then from that wallet you can finally send it to your main wallet or use it from there.

That sucked to write out, but I’ve had to jump through those hoops because I don’t have TrustWallet. So I figured I’d explain this in case someone runs into this same situation.

Finally, the way I get my BNB is through a nice site called Paybis they are a large crypto exchange based in Scotland. They require a KYC check, but its quick, their fees are fine, and they usually get transactions processed in about 5 minutes. They recently added the choice to buy BNB[BEP20] directly, so you no longer need to perform a cross-chain transfer through the Binance Chain Wallet – just get the BNB right to your Smart Chain wallet. They also accept debit/credit cards so that’s very convenient!

Adding Legal Leaf To Your Wallet

In order to see your balance of Legal Leaf, you’ll need to add the token to your wallet. To do this in TrustWallet, simply touch the button in the top right corner to see the available tokens and scroll all the way down. You’ll see the option to add custom tokens, and you’ll need paste the contract address for Legal Leaf into the token address section. Everything else will auto-populate and you can save the token to your wallet. *Make Sure You Select The Smart Chain Network While Adding The Token*.

Legal Leaf Contract Address: 0xd39a081b9d368fca3d90054a5d78478776c8909b

For reference, you can find the contract address for any token you want to invest in by looking them up on Please, just make sure you’re not looking at a clone meant to trick people. You can check to the amount of holders and recent transactions to ensure you’ve got the right coin.

Buying Legal Leaf With Your BNB

Now that you have your wallet set up with the token, and you have some purchasing power – you are geared up to finally buy! You’ll want to head to PancakeSwap so you can make the exchange. Similar to how you have to add the token to your wallet, you must add the token address into PancakeSwap so that you may buy the coin. After you’ve added the coin, set the slippage to 12%.

Add the amount of BNB you want to spend, and hit swap!


And just like that you’ve got yourself some Legal Leaf! You’re helping a great cause and joining a chill community!

Here’s their TG:


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