The Nature of Reality and The Meaning of Life

By Moon Base MGTOW | MoonBaseMGTOW | 5 Feb 2020

In other posts I have explained that often times we take actions based on our genes and biology (food and sex) and rationalize them later as if they were our own decisions. It's possible that we do the very same with the Nature and Meaning of Life.

In fact, some define consciousness itself as a rationalization; our own arbitrary reasoning for what and why we are.

By why must there be a reason or purpose behind Life? Why can't Life just be the thing appreciated within itself?

If we don't honor existence for existence's sake, then we are forced to observe Life for some fundamental truth, but the only obvious outcome for all Life is its eventual death.

And we don't want to do that.

We don't want to have to unanimously agree that we only live just to die (even though it's true.)

So, let's slow down for a bit.

I began my descent to this conclusion after contemplating the choice for having children. 

All groups conceive because of their genetic imperative; Like any other animal, it is natural for the human race to persist.

But to what end? I ask. What are we multiplying for?

If the human race survives, until the end of time, what purpose would we have performed?

So we achieve World Peace, go to Mars, conquer the solar system, explore the galaxy, then all galaxies, and come face to face to watch the boundary of the universe expand in real-time.


But the only thing that actually happened was we simply increased our knowledge about our own reality. Nothing more.

When we reach the ends of the universe, God is not going to open the door at the edge of space like The Truman Show and say "Congrats! You finally made it!", and invite us in to a new dimension.

And even if that does happen, it's the same process all over again.

Inherently, Life is just something to do while we are here.

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The highest level answers I've heard regarding the question on the meaning of Life were:

(From the spiritual perspective):

God created us and the universe to know more about itself.

(From the mundane perspective):

There is no meaning to life, but we create meaning on our own.

Great, so if we create our own meaning, that confirms that Life and Reality are so inherently meaningless that we are forced to define it.

So here's my contribution: How about Life, and Reality, simply just is.

I'll break it down for you.

Often times we assume Life and Death are duality counterparts: When you become alive, that's the start of your existence, and when you die, that's the end of it.

But death doesn't erase the fact that you existed. Even in the past, before you were born, we could say you exist because you will be born in the future, and in the future you still existed because you were born and died in the past.

Therefore, Life and Death simply operate on the spectrum of existence.

So then what is the dual nature of existence?

There is existence, so there must be non-existence.

A concept and a dimension of something much greater than death, which is just the end of an existence. No, this is a reality where absolutely nothing exists at all. This is non-reality.

If we choose to accept this assumption as true, then the nature of reality and the meaning of life is solved:

We live to eventually die, but we exist to off-set the reality where we don't exist at all.

Philosophy will never become a science. No higher purpose has to be attributed to our lives anymore. There is absolutely nothing to be accomplished in this reality, because existence itself is the thing-in-itself.

It is not "I think, therefore I am.", but simply "I am." and "You are."

There are schools of thought that believe "All is Mind", but this is solipsism.

Even when I was first presented this I suspected that there must be things that exist outside the mind. For instance, all the things that you do not know.

So if the "All" had to be anything, it would be the "One".

The One thing that unites us all within what we all exist from; existence itself, only because it is diametrically opposed to absolutely nothing at all.

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Moon Base MGTOW

Manifesting a higher level of development in MGTOW, focused on Monk Mode, philosophy, and brotherhood.


Manifesting a higher level of development in MGTOW, focused on Monk Mode, philosophy, and brotherhood.

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