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By Moon Base MGTOW | MoonBaseMGTOW | 31 Jul 2021

Last summer, I began writing a 12-part series of Monk Mode articles, heavily inspired by my readings of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life and giving it a MGTOW and Nihilist philosophy spin. The first six chapters are still available for free on my blog, but I have since reworked them, and have added seven additional chapters, with its full title being:

The 13 Chambers of Monk Mode: A Nihilist's Guide to Enlightenment


Written during a 1+ year celibacy vow, MOON BASE MGTOW uses Jordan Peterson's classic 12 Rules for Life as a template, and reworks some of the early chapters to fit a more MGTOW perspective. Philosophical debate ensues between Peterson's views on culture, and the significance of suffering go against Moon Base's never-before-seen interpretations of Nihilism.

Along with covering the basics of MGTOW, (marriage, fatherhood, red-pill rage) the community itself is also critiqued for where it falls short (along with the Incel/Black Pill circles, and even gaming sub-cultures). The book also explores theories for a virtuous society, fundamental truths, family trauma, consciousness, and the nature of the self and reality.

But most importantly, 13 Chambers for Monk Mode is a guide for implementing the "Monk Mode" strategy, which is a temporary withdrawal from social interactions and other debilitating consumptions for the purpose of achieving worthwhile external goals.

However, Moon Base's contribution to the field is a focus on Monk Mode as an internal practice, for success should not come through arduous effort and excessive instruction, but should be a natural byproduct for the individual who has resolved all of their emotional hindrances and unconscious blockages.

It is available for digital purchase via my Ko-fi shop, and please read below for the accompanying deals and membership programs.

The Memberships

The title of my book is inspired by the martial arts film, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, which became a trilogy; Return to the 36th Chamber, and the Disciples of the 36th Chamber, and likewise I will offer three different program groups.

Gordon Liu in The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Note: Slots will be limited as it is a pilot program, and prices are subject to change as demand increases.

Second Note: I need a short break after so many days of writing the book until sun-rise, so expect group activities to begin starting August 14th, but consider reserving a slot early.

The Hidden Chambers

  • For as little as $1 a month, all one-off donations and monthly subscribers will not only be the first to see all my content, but also receive exclusive access to excerpts from the book and regularly updated additional content, called Hidden Chambers, to encourage more understanding/application of book's material. Any exclusive content related to my blog and channel in general will be accessible here as well

The 13 Chambers of Monk Mode

  • The stand-alone book for your own self-study.
  • Includes an invitation to the exclusive discord group, and the password for the Mastermind group.
  • One month access to The Hidden Chambers.
  • $13 USD

Return to the 13 Chambers

  • Access to The Hidden Chambers
  • Access to the Discord Group: "Candidate" Role.
  • Access to the open forum in the "The Moonastery", a group training school for Monk Mode where we review the book and our own experiences.
  • $3 USD per month

Disciples of the 13 Chambers

Novice Tier

  • Access to The Hidden Chambers + Exclusive Requests
  • Access to the Discord Group: "Novice" role.
  • Receive a private channel in "The Moonastery" to discuss your training 1-on-1.
  • $8 USD per month

Monk Tier

  • Access to all above rewards + "Monk" role in Discord.
  • Access to the Mastermind group open forum (if you have the password that is located in the book). Each member will introduce themselves (sharing their current expertise they are willing to provide, and the skills/projects they are currently working on, and how the group can assist them through accountability, feedback, or collaboration.
  • $18 USD per month

Hierodeacon Tier

  • A FREE COPY OF THE BOOK + Free voucher for Jordan Peterson's Big 5 Personality test.
  • Access to all above rewards + "Hierodeacon" role in Discord.
  • Receive a private channel in the Mastermind group (if you have the password from the book) for 1-on-1 development with me, as well as have your expertise and skills become individual channels in the group to have more specific feedback from members, and being able to lead discussion.
  • $36 USD per month

Last Bit of Info on the Groups

The Discord group is not a place to post memes, talk about current events, or other leisurely activities. It is a place of work.

The Mastermind group as well is not a place to share your biggest dreams. After you put in some work, then you are allowed to dream, because chances are once you realize all the effort and resources that are required to achieve said goal, you may cancel it altogether, or slightly alter it to something more immediately achievable.

The groups will have weekly prompts or missions, and quarterly reports. After I attain a more comfortable equipment set up, there will be regular meetings/call-ins as well.

I do not watch TV, movies, YouTube, or play videogames. I don't hang out or text friends or family. I don't even read other blog posts and books anymore. I'm completely dedicated to my work now, and that dedication can be shared with you. So if you want to also live a simplified and focused lifestyle, or need a hardcore badass mother fucker like me on your team, considering purchasing the book, and joining the relevant membership groups.

I personally pay over $50 a month on Patreon for content I do not currently watch anymore, because of my Monk Mode focus, but I just don't have the heart to cancel my support because I still feel the content they produce is important, even without my involvement.

So consider what I am offering, and compare it to the current benefits you gain from the ways you already spend your money. Perhaps you can make a big difference in your life, my life, and for all the others that join us along the way.

Please check out my Ko-Fi page once again for everything included in this post.

See You on the Far Side... - Monk Moon Base

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Moon Base MGTOW
Moon Base MGTOW

Manifesting a higher level of development in MGTOW, focused on Monk Mode, philosophy, and brotherhood.


Manifesting a higher level of development in MGTOW, focused on Monk Mode, philosophy, and brotherhood.

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