Kim and Kayne Are Like Bulma and Vegeta
Kim and Kayne Are Like Bulma and Vegeta

By MoonBaseMGTOW | MoonBaseMGTOW | 25 Mar 2020

Just hear me out. 

Vegeta and Kanye both have had their "bad guy" phases.

Vegeta attacked Earth trying to steal the Dragon Balls, and Kanye stole the stage at the VMA's taking Taylor Swift's award thunder and shining light on Beyonce.

Bulma and Kim were also "bad girls" in their pasts too, as both women weren't afraid to show some skin to get ahead and acquire fame and power.

The two women also come from rich and successful families, specifically their fathers: Bulma being the daughter of the man who invented the technology to store any item, even a house, into a tiny capsule, and Kim being the daughter of a nationally recognized attorney father (defended OJ Simpson), AND having the double whammy to also have an Olympic Gold Medalist step father. 

Despite their rich upbringings, Bulma and Kim aren't lounging socialites by any stretch. Bulma takes after her dad and is also a brilliant inventor developing a portable dragon ball radar and a time machine.

Kim Kardashian has been one of the highest-paid reality tv stars since 2007 (immediately profiting off the notoriety of her sex tape), but has since converted that success into other business ventures, and is also taking after her father by pursuing a law apprenticeship. 

As two men who never smile in pictures, Vegeta and Kanye were the last men expected to be the ones to turn these h's into housewives. But a closer look at their marriages may reveal that these men said "I do" out of strategy and not just sexuality.

First off, Vegeta does come from royalty. Even though most of his race is extinct and he has no subjects, it still makes socio-economic sense for the Prince of All Saiyans to match up with the Princess of the Capsule Corporation, but Vegeta also gained access to exclusive resources through his relationship with Bulma.

Vegeta was constantly being bested by his rival, Goku, and had his credibility as the greatest Saiyan alive denied when Goku was the first to transform into a Super Saiyan. 

However, it was with Capsule Corp. technology that Vegeta was able to train under 450x Earth's normal gravity, and travel to outer space for further training, which later resulted in him also becoming a Super Saiyan and achieving a power level well above his rival Goku.

Likewise, Kanye was down and out after his failed clothing line venture landed him $53 million in debt. However, Kanye would (allegedly) find quick relief after sharing a joint bank account with Kim as she cashed out an $80 million check from a successful video game development.

Despite the rumors, stigma, and reputation of these women, both men saw great opportunity in a long-term commitment, and gained access to resources that helped them achieve their goals.

All they had to do was put a baby in them, and the rest of the world would become their play thing.


Although MGTOW men avoid marriage as a strategy to protect their freedom and finances, Vegeta and Kanye managed to marry up and achieve more than they could on their own.

For a group of men that often famously recite "the juice isn't worth the squeeze" regarding the value added from a relationship with the modern woman, on the contrary, Vegeta and Kanye's cups runneth over after settling into their marriages.

Yes, they did have to bite the bullet settling with post-wall women with storied sexual histories, but nonetheless they upped their social rank and economic ability with this vertical move.

Despite it all, it is undeniable that both Bulma Brief and Kim Kardashian are talented entrepreneurial women, and being the 2nd generation of rich and successful parents, it is safe to call them both "princesses".

So, MGTOW guys, if women these days aren't really bringing anything to the table, then only take a seat at the table if the woman already has a full house.

See you on the Far Side... - Monk Moon Base

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