Will Ethereum Hold These Supports???

Will Ethereum Hold These Supports???

By moon333 | moon333 | 7 Sep 2020

Hi friends, hope you are well and welcome to the new update on Ethereum coin. For the people who are not following my articles on Ethereum they can also follow my complete series of videos on Ethereum on the Cointelegraph below is the link:



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The expected up channel has been invalidated:

In my previous article were expecting that the second-largest cryptocurrency will hold the support above the trendline that was started on 19th July 2020 on the daily chart. The price action also found resistance above this support, therefore I was expecting that a perfect up channel will be formed from this point. But unfortunately, Ethereum followed the bearish move of the Bitcoin and broke down the support of this expected up-channel. I have also placed the volume indicator on this chart that is showing a lot of sell volume has entered the market.




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The price action rejected by the next resistance level:

Now if we switch to the 4-day chart then different support and resistance levels can be seen. As in my previous article, I told you if the price action will breakout the $500 resistance level then there is no significant resistance between the $500 to $800.Therefore after breaking out this resistance level we can expect a very rapid move up to $800 resistance. But unfortunately, the price action went very close to the $500 resistance and moved down. Now it has even broken down the $400 support. At this time it is re-testing the previous supports of $350 and $325 at the same time.



The priceline may re-test the SMAs as support before the next rally:

Now I would like to show you the different simple moving averages with the time period of 25, 50, 100 and 200 on the daily chart. At the moment priceline of the Ethereum coin has broken down the 25 simple moving average and the 50 SMA and it is above the supports of 100 and 200 simple moving averages. Now we can expect if the price action won’t bounce from the 100 simple moving average then it can move down to the next support of 200 simple moving average that is at $244 at the time of writing.



And if we switch to the long term weekly chart then there is another possibility that the price action will retest the 200 simple moving average before the next rally to the upside. We can also see that the 25 simple moving average is continuously moving up to form a bull cross with 200 simple moving average. And for the people who don't know, I would like to tell them that whenever the smaller time period moving average crosses up the bigger time period moving average that is considered as a strong buying signal and a rally to the upside can be started. After 25 SMA, the 50 simple moving average is also moving towards 200 SMA, and when the 50 simple moving average will cross up the 200 simple moving average that will be a real golden cross and a strong bullish signal in the long term.



The priceline may not re-test the bearish cloud:

Now if we place the Ichimoku on the same long-term weekly chart then we have already seen that the price action has broken out the bearish cloud and the Ichimoku cloud has given strong bullish signals.

Now the price line is moving down towards the bearish cloud. But I am not expecting as that much powerful bearish rally that it will re-test the cloud as support because we have the strong supports of the simple moving averages on the daily and the weekly chart as discussed above. Therefore there is a strong possibility that priceline will start the next rally to the upside without touching this cloud.


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We have witnessed several correction rallies on the daily chart while the bullish move of Ethereum. But correction on the long-term chart was still due that is happening at the moment. Therefore this correction was required for the next move to the upside once this correction will be ended then we can expect a powerful bullish rally.



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